CBS events during Copenhagen 2021 – #LoveSuitsEveryone meets #YouAreIncluded

CBS contributes with reseach expert knowledge to this year’s international mega LGBTI+ event Copenhagen 2021 that brings together thousands of participants to Copenhagen and Malmö for ten vibrant and important days 12-22 August. And we walk the Parade, too, living our values as a committed and transformative knowledge institution. Please find the list of our events here - it will be updated with links and more events until mid-August.


Copenhagen 2021 combines an abundance of events including WorldPride, EuroGames, an extensive Arts&Culture Programme, and so much more. CBS’ contribution is especially connected to the LGBTI+ Human Rights Forum including the 1:1 Democracy Festival and a special LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day, all taking place in and around Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. Here, we share our research expert knowledge during engaging events, just as we will walk together students and staff in one of the six Pride Parades.
Please read more about Copenhagen 2021 here, find the Copenhagen 2021 event programme here - and finally the list of CBS-events here:

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Monday 16 August 8:30-10:00 (CEST): Debate event at CBS and online arranged by CBS Diversity and Difference Platform and Human Rights Watch, in relation to Copenhagen 2021: ‘Pride is political: Human Rights Research on global LGBTI+ issues from Progress to Backlash’. At this morning meet-up at the beginning of WorldPride week, you can enjoy a coffee and a croissant and hear Human Rights Watch’s researchers Rasha Younes and Cristian González Cabrera together with director Grame Reid in a panel discussion with Copenhagen Business School’s Associate Professor and Academic Director Florence Villesèche and Postdoc Jannick Friis Christensen about global LGBT+ issues from progress to backlash. The meet-up will also be live streamed.
Find out more and sign up here.

LGBTI+ Human Rights Forum

Human rights defenders and activists from all over the globe will gather physically and digitally in Copenhagen between 17-19 August. The three-day conference takes place in a hybrid form with physical elements for participants in person and full online access to content sessions, to facilitate the engagement of as many people as possible. The conference is open for human rights defenders and activists, elected officials, academics, NGOs, media, Pride organizers and sports leaders in the field of LGBTI+ rights, and anybody else interested in the more in-depth LGBTI+ cause. To participate you must reserve one of the 300 ticket - and since the programme is hybrid you can participate online, too. Read more about the Forum here.

Wednesday 18 August: LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day (as part of the Human Rights Forum)

The LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day focuses on how to create workplaces where everyone can be themselves. It will cover all sides of the story from creating supporting structures within organizations to corporate advocacy that can impact LGBTI+ non-friendly legislation through plenary sessions, townhalls, and breakout sessions. The event welcomes a broad array of companies, organisations and interested people that want to work actively on inclusion – and the speaker’s list includes relevant international stakeholders, researchers, politicians and business leaders. You must reserve your ticket, please find out more here.
Host of the day is Sara Louise Muhr, professor (MSO) at CBS and academic director of the CBS Diversity and Difference research platform.

11:30-12:15 (CEST) The role of unions in securing LGBTI workplace inclusion
Diversity and inclusion have in recent years become buzzwords for big corporations around the world. Historically, the role of securing workers’ rights rests with unions through collective bargaining. As focus on anti-discrimination in the labour market is extended to issues of inclusion in the workplace, what role can—and should—unions play? Meet an international panel of representatives who will discuss how unions interact with employer organisatons and law-makers on the topic of LGBTI inclusion, sharing achievements as well as their perspectives on what still needs to be done.
The panel is moderated by Jannick Friis Christensen, Postdoc and Theme Lead for Gender and Sexuality at the CBS Diversity and Difference Platform.

15:00-16:15 (CEST): QueerLAB: Norm-critical design for LGBTI workplace inclusion
QueerLAB combines the reflexive process of norm critique with action-oriented design thinking to produce novel ideas for LGBTI workplace inclusion. The research-based workshop format brings together people of diverse backgrounds with different knowledge, ecxpereinces, and perspectves to explore and co-create solutions, politicies, action strategies, etc. through a number of facilitated exercises. In short, as a participant you not only help identifying specific problems to the inclusion of LGBTI in workplace contexts; you also get to leave the workshop with a set of solutions ready for implementation in your own organisation.
The workshop is facilitated by CBS researchers Jannick Friis Christensen, Postdoc, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Bontu Lucie Guschke, PhD Fellow, Dept. of Organization and Kai Inga Liehr Storm, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Operations Management

1:1 Democracy Festival in front of Øksnehallen

This open programme will take place Monday 16 to Saturday 21 August and is inspired by the Danish People's Political Festival with events for a broad, public appeal at the venue outside Øksnehallen. Over the five days 25,000 people are expected to visit the square and participate. Find out more here.

Monday 16 August 13:30-14:00: Mapping Pivotal Pride Moments. This workshop invites participants to share pivotal pride moments. A pride moment could be an experience of becoming and being who you are, a feeling of acceptance and inclusion, or… what is your pride moment? The workshop is facilitated by the research project ‘Pride Parades and Integrative Civil Religion’.
With CBS’ researchers Jannick Friis Christensen, Postdoc, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Sine Nørholm Just, Professor, Roskilde University and CBS, Stefan Schwarzkopf, Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Linea Munk, Research Assistant, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

Wednesday 18 August 18:30-19:30: Pinkwashing - how can companies do better? Moderated by Jannick Friis Christensen, Postdoc, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

Thursday 19 August 12:00-13:00 (CEST): Democracy 1:1 Festival Panel: LGBTQ+ Global Corporate Citizenship. Participants from CBS Jannick Friis Christensen, Postdoc, Dept. of Management, Politics and Philosophy and Jesper Thunström, Student, MSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development.

Copenhagen 2021 Parades and final concert event at Fælledparken Saturday 21 August.

CBS staff and students will walk together to celebrate diversity ad inclusion.
Read more about the six WorldPride walks here.
And about the closing ceremony here.

CBS students will have their own internal events during Copenhagen 2021 – learn more on their Facebook page.


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