• 11.10.2021

    Flyverboms in Politiken on new EU Commission tech proposal

    Remember that you can still follow CBS professor (with special responsibilities) Mikkel Flyverbom on tech in the Danish newspaper Politiken. The latest column with the headline 'One small jack for your smartphone, tablet and camera. But the tech companies are against it'.
  • 30.06.2021

    A pioneering approach to digital management

    The BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management is now one of CBS’s top programmes in terms of entry level, and the first group of students have just graduated. Impressive for a programme that nearly did not happen.
  • 07.05.2021

    Banned from Facebook

    Nanna Bonde Thylstrup was in DR2 Deadline about the ban of Donald Trump on Facebook
  • 06.05.2021

    Succesful partnership between CBS and CPH:DOX

    CBS' partnership with the international documentary festival CPH:DOX was an audience magnet! More than 13.000 have up until now been following the three debates during the DOX:SCIENCE programme, where Academic Directors from CBS' interdisciplinary research platforms on Diversity, Inequality and Digital Transformations contributed to vivid discussions on global grand challenges. If you hurry, you can still see the opening documentary Solutions on the big screen - and in any case you can still watch the debates online.
  • 12.04.2021

    Flyverbom on Danish primetime TV

    Academic Director of the platform, professor MSO, Mikkel Flyverbom is in when Danish Broadcasting Corporation launches its new TV series My life on the Internet.
  • 26.03.2021

    CBS and CPH:DOX

    CBS’ three cross-disciplinary research platforms contribute to CPH:DOX’ Science Programme CPH:SCIENCE
  • 17.03.2021

    Mikkel Flyverbom in new strategic advisory group for the Danish government

    CBS-professor (MSO) Mikkel Flyverbom takes his seat in the newly formed 'Digital Partnership' advising the Danish government and with recommandations leading up to a new national strategy for digitalization in a post pandemic time with an urgent need for green transition. Flyverbom's voice will secure that digital responsibility in high on the ageda.