For Parents

CBS is happy to assist all international students integrate into the Copenhagen Business School, the Danish university culture and Denmark. In the beginning, it may take a while for international students to adjust to the Danish tradition, where university students are considered to be adults and, as such, are expected to be able to function independently.

Housing availability

As in any major city, the housing market is very competitive, so it is important for all students and especially international students to start searching for a place to live right after deciding to come to CBS. The CBS housing department is happy to help our guest students (exchange, double degree and CEMS) find accommodation. International full degree students and freemovers are advised instead to search out accommodation on their own due to the limited resources of the CBS housing department. There will be even more options - usually at a more affordable price - for those who look outside the city of Copenhagen. You can find tips for housing in our Anticipating Arrival guide’s housing section for full-degree and freemover students or for guest students and on the CBS housing department website.

Cost of living and employment opportunities

Copenhagen is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, but students can manage to live more affordably by shopping and preparing foods on their own rather than eating out. While studying at CBS, it is possible for students to find a part-time job which may help to support daily living expenses, but students should not expect that this will be enough to cover all the expenses. Many CBS students (both Danish and international) work part-time, but for non-Danish speakers typically only service sector jobs are available. Read more about the expected budget and employment opportunities in our Anticipating Arrival guide.


Copenhagen is one of the world’s safest cities. Yet, as in all major cities, students should be careful with their belongings because theft is possible. Typically there is only petty crime in Copenhagen, and it is quite safe to be out in the city at any time of the day and night. As a university, CBS is prepared for different emergency situations and has its own evacuation plan. To know more about the CBS evacuation plan and different buildings, please visit the e-campus sections Find your way and Evacuation plan.

Social aspects of Copenhagen

As one of the major cities in Northern Europe, all sorts of activities are abundant in Copenhagen. It is possible to enjoy anything from rock concerts to art galleries, classical music, theatre and ballet. Also the student community of CBS is very active, and international students are encouraged to take part in student life at CBS. You can read more about different activities in Copenhagen and CBS in our Anticipating Arrival guide section 2.9. Leisure time.

University care for students

Guest students (exchange, CEMS and double degree) and Freemovers will be helped primarily by the CBS International Office. International full degree students are considered to be "like the Danish students" in that they are served by the same offices as other CBS students. To read more about the services provided for full degree students, please visit the Who does what? section on e-campus. The CBS community is very strong and supportive, and all international students can find a support network also among their fellow students in different student organisations. Please visit Organisations & Associations section on e-campus to read more.

Medical health

Medical care is free for all in Denmark and it is part of the strong social ethos of the country. Once a student is fully admitted to study at CBS, s/he may complete the process for a residence permit and thereafter will be able to apply for a medical ‘yellow card’ which can be used to provide free healthcare. However, students still need to pay for prescription, dental treatments and certain special treatments. For international guest students it is mandatory to have a health insurance that covers the cost of home transportation in case of emergency to your home country. This type of insurance is also highly recommended for international full degree students.

Danish language

We encourage our international students to take advantage of the free Danish language courses during their academic studies in Copenhagen. The Danish language will help students to integrate to both the CBS community and Denmark. Especially international full degree students interested in the opportunity to stay and work in Denmark after their graduation are strongly encouraged to learn Danish. Students may find it difficult to locate employment in Danish companies without the appropriate Danish language skills. Please read more about learing Danish in our Anticipating Arrival guide.

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