Housing Applications for ISUP 2019: The dates for the housing application rounds will be published here at the end of March 2019.


Housing dorms

Kongens Tværvej
Nimbus park
Holger Danskes Vej
Kathrine Kollegiet

The Housing Department is part of the International Office.  We help international exchange students to find accommodation during their stay here at CBS.

This website provides information about the different housing options available and practical help on how to apply.

Housing in Copenhagen is very difficult to find and can be expensive.  This is particularly the case in the fall semester when the demand for housing far outstrips supply. 

The CBS housing department has access to eight student residences or dorms (please see list under "Student Residences").  You can apply for these using the CBS Housing on-line application process. 

An email containing a link to the application and allocation process is sent to your CBS email address (NOT ISUP students).  The date on which the link will be sent will be published on this website beforehand.  No other notification will be given. 

The application process is on a first come, first served basis, so do not be disappointed if you do not get your first priority. In the fall semester some students will be living in private housing.

To help us find a solution that will be optimal for you, please take some time to explore the different housing options which you will find on this website.  Please note that CBS cannot guarantee housing for all exchange students.

When you apply, remember to prioritize where you want to stay. Please give a priority to each of the Student Residences. 

It will not be possible to change your room or your residence after you have accepted a room and paid for it.  



The CBS Housing Team will do their best to help with questions you might have along the way.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday –
09:30-12:00 and 13:00-15:00


Student residences


As with most urban universities, Copenhagen Business School does not have a campus as such. Moreover Danish universities do not own student-housing facilities. Danish students tend either to live at home, in private flats, or in one of the housing facilities available for young people in the Greater Copenhagen area. Accommodation for our international students is therefore organized through public and private housing companies.

The eight student residences to which CBS has access are located in different areas of Copenhagen.  Generally speaking, the rooms in the residence halls can be either single rooms or shared rooms. In the shared rooms, there are two beds in one room, which is why the rent per person can be lower than for single rooms. For more information about a particular residence hall, click on the name of the residence in the link section over to the right.

All the residences are non-smoking.

Please be aware that unless otherwise noted under the specific residence hall, you will not be living with Danish students but instead with other international students.

Is A Residence Hall Right For Me?
When trying to decide if a residence hall is the housing solution for you, you should keep in mind that it is a great way to meet people, there is always somebody around, and if you make an effort this is a great opportunity to get to know people from all over the world.
However, it is also important to be aware that all the people and the many activities can sometimes be overwhelming. So, if you prefer to study in your room and it has to be absolutely quiet, then maybe a large residence hall is not the right place for you. There are smaller residences available. You will find these Student Residences described as "smaller" with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Note: Many student residences are located in the midst of regular residential areas. Noisy behavior, including music that can be heard outside of your room, is not accepted. Complaints can result in expulsion from the residence with no refund of housing payment and no replacement housing provided.  The home university concerned will be informed of any expulsion.

We wish you good luck with all your preparations and look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen.

Holger Danskes Vej


The residence hall Holger Danskes Vej is situated in Frederiksberg, which is a residential areas in Copenhagen. Frederiksberg offers a great variety of parks, cafés and shops. Holger Danskes Vej is close to Godthåbsvej, a street with excellent shopping opportunities, as well as Frederiksberg Public Swimming Pool.
Holger Danskes Vej 89
DK 2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
Residence hall with 4 floors; 68 rooms in total around a central courtyard

The rooms vary greatly in size. The single rooms are between 12-18 square meters and the shared rooms are between 15-17 square meters. There are 50 single rooms and 9 shared rooms available.

Bathrooms in Holger Danskes Vej are shared.

There is one basically equipped kitchen per floor. (Upon arrival, each room is supplied with box containing 1 frying pan, dishes, cups, glasses and silverware for personal use.) The kitchen is spacious with a dining area. This area is where you and the other students can meet and spend time together.

There are laundry facilities (washers and dryers) in the building. These are located in the basement. You will receive more information about the use of the laundry facilities upon your arrival.

Internet Connection
Internet access is via cable connection. Computers and cables are not provided. You will receive more information about the Internet access upon your arrival.

Holger Danskes Vej student residence is situated close to the CBS buildings. Travel time to CBS is approximately a ten to fifteen-minute walk. By bus, CBS is about 10 minutes away.

Holger Danskes Vej has very limited parking availability. It is possible to park on the street, but you can not reserve a parking place nor is it only students living at Holger Danskes Vej who can park here: Anyone living in the area can. Parking requires buying a ticket to display in your windshield, every time you park.

Kathrine Kollegiet

KTV bedroom 1
The residence hall Kathrine Kollegiet is situated in Frederiksberg, a residential area of Copenhagen. Frederiksberg offers a great variety of parks, cafés and shops. Kathrine Kollegiet is also closely located to public transportation.

Finsensvej 84
DK 2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
Residence Hall with 6 floors, 78 rooms; five of these with wheelchair access. There is a large courtyard for outdoor activities.

The rooms vary in size, but single rooms are anywhere from 15 - 22 square meters. The shared rooms are between 27-39 square meters.
These are the different types of rooms available:
•    44 Small rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    10 Medium rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    4 Large rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    20 Shared rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom

Each room has its own en-suite bathroom.
Each room has its own en-suite kitchenette.

There are laundry facilities (washing machines and dryers) in the building. These are located in the basement. Laundry expenses are not included in the rent. You will receive more information about the use of the laundry facilities upon arrival.

The residence is equipped with Wifi. You will receive information about how to access it upon arrival.

Kathrine Kollegiet is located close to Flintholm Metro Station, which takes you to the city centre in approximately 10 minutes. You can reach CBS buildings either by bike (5-10 min.) or by metro (2-5 min.)

Kongens Tværvej

Katrine room

The residence on Kongens Tværvej is situated in Frederiksberg, a peaceful and picturesque residential area of Copenhagen. Frederiksberg offers a great variety of green areas, cafés, and shops. The building is a typical example of an old and charming Copenhagen villa.

Kongens Tværvej 3
DK 2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
There are three floors with 6 rooms on each floor. There is a back courtyard with garden furniture.

The rooms vary in size ranging between 10-15 square meters. The different rooms available are:
•    11 small
•    3 medium
•    4 large

Bathrooms are shared - two people to a bathroom.

There is one basically equipped kitchen per floor. The kitchen is small, but very cosy with a dining area.

Washers and dryers are located in the basement. The cost is included in the rent.

Internet Connection
Internet access via a cable connection.  Computers and cables are not provided. You will receive more information about Internet access upon arrival.

Kongens Tværvej is located within walking distance of CBS. All CBS buildings can be reached by bike (5 - 10 minutes) or by bus (10 minutes).

It is possible to park on the street in front of the residence, but spaces are very limited.

Porcelænshaven room
The residence at Porcelaenshaven is situated close to the campus at CBS and is adjacent to the library at Porcelaenshaven.

Porcelænshaven 28
2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
The residence is on five floors with 20 rooms per floor and located in part of the former Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory that was completely renovated for CBS and is now part of the CBS Campus. The residence was finished on 17 August 2006.

These are the different room types available:
•    large rooms with en suite bathroom
•    small rooms with shared bathroom (shared with one other person of the same gender)
•    large rooms with shared bathroom (shared with one other person of the same gender)

Bathrooms are en-suite. Of the 100 rooms, 10 have an en-suite individual bathroom and five of these have wheel chair access. The other 90 rooms have an en-suite bathroom shared with one other person of the same gender.

Each room has its own fully functional kitchenette with refrigerator/freezer, stove top and microwave oven within the room.

Common Room
Although the residence is composed of individual self-contained one-room apartments, students can be given access to a common room.

Laundry facilities (washers and dryers) are provided and located in the basement. The cost of laundry is not included in your rent. You will receive further information about laundry facilities upon arrival.

Internet Connection
WIFi has recently been installed. You will receive more information about it upon arrival. Please note that computers are not provided.

Porcelaenshaven is on campus. Walking distance to Dalgas Have or to Solbjerg Plads is about 5-10 minutes.

The residence at Porcelænshaven has access to an on-campus parking garage. (In the future there will be a small fee for getting a parking spot.)  Access to the parking garage can be obtained at the Information Desk at Solbjerg Plads upon presentation of your CBS ID card.  Please note that a parking space cannot be reserved in advance.


Svanevej roomSvanevej bathroom

The residence on Svanevej 4 is situated in Nørrebro, a mixed residential and light industry area of Copenhagen. The area is gradually becoming more 'in' among students and young professionals as former industrial buildings are renovated. There are many shops and cafés and good access to public transportation. The neighborhood is a multicultural mix of working class, young professionals, immigrants, families, and students.

Svanevej 4
DK 2400 Copenhagen NV


Type of Accommodation
Residence Hall with 48 rooms.  36 rooms are available to CBS exchange students on the first, second and courtyard floors.
There is a large common area for gathering with your fellow students.

The rooms vary in size and are approximately 20-30 square meters.

The following are the different sizes available:
•    10 Small rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    4 Medium rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    2 Large room with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom
•    9 Shared rooms with en-suite kitchenette and bathroom

Each room has its own en-suite bathroom.

Each room has its own en-suite kitchenette. In addition there is a shared kitchen with a dining area on the ground floor in connection with the common areas. This is where you and the other students will meet and spend time together.

There are laundry facilities (washers and dryers) in the building on the ground floor. Laundry costs are not included in the rent. You will receive more information about the use of the laundry facilities upon arrival.

Internet Connection
Internet access is via cable connection. Computers and cables are not provided. You will receive more information about the Internet access upon arrival.

Svanevej is located close to Nørrebro Station with bus and train connections to the entire city. Transportation time to all CBS buildings is about 15 - 20 minutes by bicycle.

Svanevej has very limited parking availability. It is possible to park on the street, but you can not reserve a parking place nor is it only students living at Svanevej who can park here: Anyone living on the street can buy a parking permit from the city.

Tietgen Kollegiet



Tietgenkollegiet is a newer residence hall built in Copenhagen on Amager, which is close to the city center. It is primarily for Danish students; however, 10% of the rooms have been reserved for International students.  At Tietgenkollegiet it is considered very important to be part of the community; to join in communal and group activities and social events. In the common kitchens, students are expected to take part in the collective organisation. . It is a condition of being a resident of Tietgenkollegiet that one is an active member of the community. The majority of students at Tietgen are younger and many of the activities reflect this.

IMPORTANT: It is a condition of being allocated to a room at Tietgen Kollegiet, that you attend a welcome dinner and upload a photo and description of yourself to the Tietgen Kollegiet internal intranet.

Rued Langgaards Vej 10-18
DK 2300 Copenhagen S


Type of accommodation
The residence has 6 floors with a total of 360 rooms. CBS has access to 18 single rooms for exchange students.

They vary in size from 26 to 33 square meters as follows

•    Three rooms at 26 sq. meters
•    Ten rooms at 29 sq. meters
•    Five rooms at 33 sq. meters

Each room has an en-suite bathroom.

There are "community kitchens" that are shared by 12 people. The kitchens are fully equipped.

Laundry facilties are available on the ground floor. Laundry costs are not included in the rent. You will be informed further about the laundry at the residence, in the reception.

It is possible to access the Internet via Wifi. You will receive more information about Internet access upon arrival. Computers are not provided. 

Tietgen Kollegiet is situated in Amager, close to the city centre. Close to the Metro stop, Islands Brygge and Universitetet, from where it takes about 10-12 min to reach CBS buildings. There are also 5 different bus stops close to the residence and also a night bus.

The residence has a parking cellar for cars and motorbikes. In order to use the cellar you need a permission which you can get from the reception at the residence.  If you need to rent a place in the cellar, the people in the reception will explain the further details after your arrival.  There is also bicycle parking.  Enquire about this at Reception.
Tietgenkollegiet is only available for exchange students, not full time international students.

The CBS Nimbuspark Residence

Nimbus ExternalNimbus kitchen orangeNimbus yellow kitchenTableNimbus yellow kitchen

Nimbus bedroomNimbus bathroomNimbus bedroom 2Nimbus bedroom 3Table orange


The CBS Nimbuspark Residence


This brand new residence opened for the first time in January 2018.

The residence is a modern building with functional and comfortable facilities, designed by the internationally renowned Danish architects Henning Larsen Architects.
It is situated close to the CBS campus buildings as well as the metro, S-train and busses.

Nimbusparken 34-36
2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
The residence consists of 117 furnished rooms, each with private bathroom.  There is a shared kitchen, dining and lounge area for each cluster of 10-12 rooms.  The kitchens are equipped with basic cooking, eating and drinking utensils.

The rooms are all the same size, grouped over five floors with approximately 20 rooms per floor.

The residence is equipped with WIFI.  The cost is included in the rent.

There is a modern self-service laundry room in the basement with washing machines, tumble dryers and a drying room with washing lines for drying items not suitable for tumble dryers. Laundry costs are not included in the rent.

Each resident will be assigned a storage box in the basement where you can store your suitcases etc.

There are bicycle parking facilities in the basement with cycle racks where residents can park their bicycles.  

Common Room
It is possible to book a meeting room for up to 72 people for social and other gatherings.  The person responsible for booking the room is also responsible for cleaning it.

CBS Nimbus Residence is within walking or cycling distance to CBS buildings.

There are no car parking facilities at the dorm.

Dates when student residences are available:

Spring semester 2019 - 18 January to 13 June 2019

Summer University 2019 - 21 June to 3 August 2019

Autumn semester 2019 - 16 August to 31 December 2019

Prices Summer University (ISUP) 2019

Prices for ISUP 2019 will be posted in April 2019.

Prices Spring 2019

Please be aware that room sizes and prices are not the same for all dorms.  There is therefore no standard room size or average room price.

PDF iconholgerdanskesvej2019spring.pdf
PDF iconkathrinekollegiet2019spring.pdf
PDF iconkongenstvaervej2019spring.pdf
PDF iconnimbuspark_residence2019spring.pdf
PDF iconporcelaenshaven2019spring.pdf
PDF iconsvanevej2019spring.pdf
PDF icontietgenkollegiet2019spring.pdf

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions
1. When am I told what my address will be in Copenhagen?
A Room Reservation with information about your room including address, price and payment details, will be produced by the system when you accept your room allocation.
2. When can I move into my room?
Spring 2018   Your room will be available from 12 noon on 12 January until 12 noon on 14 June 2018.
ISUP 2018 Your room will be available from 12 noon on 22 June until 12 noon on 4 August 2018.
Fall 1018  Your room will be available from 12 noon on 17 August until 12 noon on 31 December 2018.
3. Can I receive a discount by paying my total rent for the whole period at once?
No, but you may save yourself time, effort and fees if the payment for the whole semester is made on one occasion.

Please note that no payments come to CBS.  All payments are made directly to the owner or administrator of your dorm.
4. Why didn’t I get my first priority?
Since allocation is on a first come - first served basis, you have a better chance to get the room you want the earlier you confirm your reservation offer online. The later you apply, the greater the chance that your first priorities will already be taken.
CBS has access to a limited number of Student Residences and these vary in size. Some of the most popular residences may also be those with the fewest number of rooms.
Good, centrally located student housing in Copenhagen is VERY expensive and hard to find. In addition, the demand for housing in the autumn semester in particular is extremely high, when many Danish students are also looking for accommodation.
5. Will there be a phone in my residence?
None of the residences has a telephone..
6. What about bed linen?
In the student residences duvets and pillows as well as bed linen and towels are provided in the form of a "Start Package", which contains a duvet, a pillow, a sheet, a pillow case, a duvet cover, 2 towels and 2 tea towels. This is included for all residences and the price is included in your rent. The "Start Package" will be in your room upon arrival.
If you will be staying in private housing, feel free to ask your landlady/landlord if they have duvets and pillows available for you to borrow, otherwise you can buy these at Jysk ( ) or IKEA ( ) and in most supermarkets.
7. Do I have to buy or bring furniture and kitchen utensils?
All rooms rented out through CBS are fully furnished with a bed, a table, a chair, a closet, lamps etc. The kitchens are equipped with basic utensils for cooking and eating. Missing items should be reported to the owner of the residence.
8. Do I have Internet access in my room?
All rooms in Student Residences have access to the Internet via Ethernet cable connection. There are many possibilities to connect to the CBS Wifi from CBS buildings and libraries,where your connection is free of charge. Please look for details at each of the specific residences.
Please note: It is not permitted to use a WIRELESS ROUTER. By this we mean a router which is plugged into the internet outlet in the wall which allows your laptop to operate "wireless". It is also not permitted to download films or music which take up large amounts of bandwidth.
Shared rooms have "switchers" which allow both occupants to access the internet simultaneously.
Internet cables are not provided. Students must purchase these themselves. Shops which sell internet cables are for example FONA and TDC or any shops selling mobile phones or computers etc.
9. What is a shared room?
In a shared room there are two beds in one room, which is why the rent per person is typically lower than for a single room. If your room number is followed by an A or a B, this GENERALLY indicates you will be living in a shared room.

Choosing a room mate
The Housing Application system does not allow you to choose your own room mate.  If there is someone you particularly want to share a room with, both parties must write to the Housing Department to request this.
10. Guests
Overnight guests are not permitted. Only the person named on the Room Reservation is permitted to stay in the room.
11. How far is my residence from CBS and from the City Centre?
Please refer to the information for your residence under Student Residences.
Maps & Directions: go to Google Maps and type in the street address, city name, and Denmark.
12. When do I get my deposit back?
The administrators of the student residences will refund the deposit approximately 8 weeks after the end of the rental period. CBS Housing Department does not receive any payment and can therefore not refund deposits; payment of rent goes directly to the administrators. You must fill out your bank information according to the check-out information e-mail you will receive a few weeks prior to the end of the semester.
Broken or missing items will be deducted from your deposit.

CBS MBA Students

The following dorm rooms are only available to CBS MBA students.

Porcelænshaven 5th Floor.  Please read about the dorm under Student Residences above.


Private housing

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When is this service available?

This service is available only during the fall semester and it is exclusively for incoming exchange students. Unfortunately we cannot help free movers or full degree students to find housing.

What we do:

The amount of dorms available at CBS is limited. We have around 350 dorm rooms and we accept around 725 exchange students in the fall semester.

Finding private housing in Copenhagen is extremely difficult. The demand for housing in the fall semester is increasing year by year as the amount of international exchange students is increasing in many Danish universities and young people from all over Denmark are coming to the city center to study. So, the competition is huge.

Our mission is to help students with finding different housing options and guiding them through the process of searching for a landlord up to signing the contract.

Who are we?

  • Private housing is a part of the housing department at CBS. We are located in the International Office at CBS.
  • Our address is: Porcelænshaven 18A, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Private housing coordinator e-mail:


1. Private Housing through CBS

What we offer:
Private Housing is a broad term and can be many things, but it is not a home-stay. You will maintain your independence yet at the same time you will get a chance to experience the Danish culture.

Our landlords/ladies can be senior citizens with big houses that rent the rooms of their kids who have left home. They can also be families with small children who want to have an international experience, other landlords/ladies can be students who wish to let a spare room; in rare cases you can even be offered an apartment.

Distances from CBS will also vary but in most cases you should expect at least a 30 minutes commute to CBS.

Your private housing offer will always include a room with a bed, a desk for studying, internet access, a dresser/closet for your clothes, and, of course access to kitchen and bathroom. The price of the room will reflect the facilities to which you have access. The price range of rent per month is currently between DKK 4500-7500 DKK (Autumn 2018).

Why choose Private Housing?
Private Housing is an excellent opportunity to experience the Danish way of life and to have a quiet and relaxed study environment at home. A successful stay in private housing requires you to be open and flexible. Please check the house rules with your landlord/lady and remember to keep an open line of communication at all times.

You should consider that you will be renting a room in someone’s private home with access to kitchen and bathroom; this means that you must be prepared to show consideration for someone else’s property.

“When in Rome…Do as Romans do” An excellent way of learning about the Danish culture and to fit into a Danish environment is to observe how they act and act similarly. You will be surprised how quickly you will feel welcome. You can also learn some Danish words and practice them with your landlords/ladies; they will feel impressed and will probably help you with your pronunciation.

How does the application procedure work?

You will first be invited to apply for CBS´s dorm rooms. However, since we do not have enough dorms for all our exchange students, those that remain without a housing offer will be contacted by us by e-mail. We will send you an application form, a link to our Private Housing Facebook group and some important information about private housing which you will also find below. You are welcome to look for Private Housing on your own at the same time; you just need to tell us if you find accommodation yourself.

Why Facebook:

Our Facebook group has proved to be an excellent tool to help students gather together, sharing useful tips or sharing experience from failures.  Sometimes some students find big apartments which they share with other students from the Facebook group. On the other hand, it is a great tool for the CBS administration to provide students with information, guidance and support.

Very Important information about private housing through CBS

2. How to search for your own room in Copenhagen

  • See (click on the picture)


3. What can you do in case of facing a problem with your landlord

If you have problems with your landlord you can contact private housing  Please bear in mind that we cannot offer to rehouse you.

For legal advice, please contact “Københavns Retshjælp”(Copenhagen Legal Aid) this service is free.

4. Before leaving Denmark
It is imperative that you cancel your address and CPR number at the local municipality before you leave Denmark. Your landlord will not be able to do this your behalf. If you live in Frederiksberg or Copenhagen you can use this departure form. Once you have completed the form and signed it you can hand it in either at the International Office's Reception or the local municipality ('Borgerservice').


Please note that we cannot help you with finding private housing. Please look at the list of private housing links and read the private housing tips carefully.


What do we offer?

During the fall semester (August to December) we host around 725 incoming students from all over the world. However, we do not have enough dorm rooms available for this amount of students; we have only around 350 dorm rooms. Therefore, we need your help. These students are business students from very renowned universities worldwide. If you wish to see our partner universities you are welcome to visit the following web page "Partner Universities".

The incoming students have passed an IBT TOEFL test, which means that they have a very high level of English, so you should not have problems communicating with them in English.

Living with a person from another culture is an opportunity for our Danish landlords to strengthen their intercultural communication, as well as seeing things from other people´s perspectives. Some landlords see this arrangement as an opportunity to practice a language. Danish landlords on the other hand, offer our exchange students the opportunity to experience Danish culture from the inside.

Please note that this arrangement is not a home stay. That means that you are not obliged to cook meals them or clean for them. Moreover, the level of social interaction between both of you is totally up to you.

How does the application procedure work?

You just need to fill out the landlord application form you will find below and send it by pressing AFSLUT.

We then analyze which of the students best match your preferences and we send your application to the candidate. The student has to respond within the next 72 hours informing us if he/she is interested or not in your room. If the student does not contact you, please let us know right away, so we can find you another student.


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