Part time work

Most Danish students have a part-time job while they are studying. It's a great way of getting to know the Danish business community and to create an invaluable network while making some money at the same time.

Working in Denmark

In order to balance your studies with your student work most Danish students work approximately 15 hours a week. Most students have relevant jobs with companies that value the input from flexible CBS students. Please remember that chances of finding employment can be slim if you do not speak Danish. Therefore, you should not base your semester’s finances on the chance of obtaining paid employment. It is very important to understand the Work Permit section and Taxation section for specific information relevant to international students in Denmark.

CBS Career Gate
On CBS Career Gate you can both see student positions and full-time jobs for graduates.

Work in Denmark
Take a look at – a meeting place for foreign job seekers and Danish employers.

In Denmark the tradition for internships is not as widespread as in other countries, and the vacant positions are therefore more competitive, especially for non-Danish speakers.

The CBS Career Gate offers vacant traineeships.

AIESEC is the largest global youth organization present in more than 110 countries worldwide. One of their core activities is international traineeship exchange. See their website for further information.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE)
Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) promotes entrepreneurship among students.

- Free office space as well as professional business coaching, along with legal and accounting advice to entrepreneurs

- Free workshops and weekly ‘networking breakfasts’

- On a monthly basis prominent speakers from companies and organizations

- Monthly networking bars

Please visit CSE website or Facebook page

Work Permit
As a principal rule, students from the Scandinavian countries and from EU member states (as well as Switzerland) do not usually need a work permit for normal student jobs. Students from all other countries can only undertake paid employment while enrolled at CBS for a maximum of 15 hours a week and full-time during the months of June, July and August.

Specific information about working as an international student in Denmark can be found at Work in Denmark’s website

Denmark has an extensive public sector with many benefits. Therefore, the tax rate in Denmark is one of the highest in the world. However, the system is progressive and not everyone pays the same amount of tax. The higher your income, the more you pay. As a result, taxation calculation in Denmark is very complex.

Therefore, if you are going to work in Denmark, we recommend you to the Danish Tax Authority's website and make sure that you are totally informed about your rights and obligations before you start working.

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Career Fairs

CBS Partner Career Fair takes place in February where CBS’ Corporate Partners meet with the students. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet and network with some large and very interesting businesses, where you will be able to discuss graduate programs, job opportunities, career development, expectations and requirements.

Enlighten Your Career takes place in October. Here you have the opportunity to meet and network with businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries. This is your opportunity to get your network off to a good start and enlighten your future career.

Visit for more information about the career fairs.