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CBS offers Denmark's most comprehensive range of university degrees in business administration with more than 30 of our programmes taught entirely in English. You will find that CBS is the most international university in Denmark and we are proud to have more than 4,500 international students from across the globe enrolled every year.



Come and…

- be welcomed by CBS and meet other international students
- learn how to succeed as a CBS student and to prepare for exams at CBS
- hear more about your working opportunities in Denmark
- receive a better understanding of the Danish culture
- find out how to get involved at CBS and in Copenhagen

CBS organizes a specially designed Welcome Event for all the new international students starting their bachelors or masters every autumn. The seminar offers essential information regarding the practical, academic and career aspects of your transition to CBS and Copenhagen. In 2019 the Welcome Event will take place on Sunday 25 August. The official programme begins at 11.00 and the doors open for registration at 10.00.

Registration for the IFDS Welcome and Intro Seminars will open in July. Please note: You can only register for the IFDS Welcome after you have been admitted to CBS.

We are currently working on finishing the program for the International Welcome Event 2019 - so for now you can see the programme from last year, to get an idea of the content of the event:

PDF iconProgram 2018

Please note: This event do not replace the orientation sessions offered by the individual degree programmes. You can read more about these sessions on your programme's my.cbs.dk homepage.

More information about these events is available on my.cbs.dk under My studies / For international students

Studying at CBS

Studying at Copenhagen Business School
You will embark on a unique and comprehensive learning experience for yourself. The high standards for quality education at CBS guarantee that each degree programme and course have clear learning goals and that our courses’ follow the newest international knowledge within each discipline. CBS also invest to its teaching staff by emphasizing the academic and pedagogical competences of it.

The administration and campus facilities are built to support our students’ learning and personal development. CBS provides services to all our degree students regardless of nationality, so our international students have the same resources available to them as the Danish students.

You can choose the academic environment that suits you!
At CBS, academic specialisation is part of the degree programme from the very first day you are here. You will be part of an academic environment, which dedicated researchers, teachers and students have developed.

Every environment has its own special business aim and its own way of integrating the different subjects. Within the framework of the individual degree programmes, you will also have different options – electives, project topics and exchange programmes – but the framework is the academic environment, which the degree programme defines and develops.

At CBS bachelor or master level, we regard this as an opportunity to offer a coherent identity and a creative community, without giving up the advantages of being a large institution with many opportunities.

Teaching based on research, cooperation and active participation
The teaching at CBS is research-based, which means that you will meet many researchers when they are teaching, but it also means that you will learn, how to use the research methods in your work. A lot of teaching is based on the students’ cooperation in groups. The students help each other in the learning process, and they learn to cooperate.

Above all, it is important that the students are stimulated to participate actively during classes. In this way, it will be easier to remember new knowledge and to make it part of their/the students' own world of ideas and readiness to act. Copenhagen Business School is a university, and the teaching communicates a theoretically based understanding of the world.

Nevertheless, business economics and the business language are practical disciplines. Therefore, examples and material from the practical world are part of everyday teaching. CBS’ former students, our research contacts and corporate partners are important parts of the degree programmes’ academic dimension.

The International Student Ambassadors - student to student advising

The International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are here to support our international full degree students!


Like us on Facebook -  write us a messages and come see us at our events through out the semester

Who we are?
We are a team of current CBS students, who voluntarily plan events throughout the academic year, as well as offer advice about a variety of topics related to settling into your new life at CBS and in Denmark. By sharing our personal experiences, we hope to give you some insight into Danish culture and life as a student at CBS.

What International Student Ambassadors offer?
The ISAs are happy to answer emails from you, if you have any questions or concerns prior to arrival. After arriving in Copenhagen we will plan events and offer resources to assist you with your transition to living and studying in Copenhagen. You can expect the ISAs to plan events and provide student-to-student advice in relation to moving to Copenhagen, social life, culture in Denmark and academic life at CBS.

We look forward to meeting you!
The International Student Ambassadors

International activities
Crossing cultures, not just borders

All CBS students have the opportunity to explore other cultures and expand their horizons, often without even leaving Copenhagen. Across the CBS campus and around Copenhagen, CBS students have many options to develop their international networks and broaden their cultural awareness.

All the international activities are offered throughout the year and are open to CBS students from all nationalities and academic levels. 

Copenhagen Business School offers many opportunities for our international students. Studying at one of Europe’s largest business schools will provide you with the skills and competencies necessary for your career in a global society.

For information on admission to full-time three year bachelor/undergraduate programmes at CBS, see www.cbs.dk/undergraduateadmission


For information on admission to full-time two year master/graduate programmes at CBS, see www.cbs.dk/graduateadmission


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Ask about studying at CBS and living in Denmark

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International Student Ambassadors

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Student Hubs

In the Student Hub you will get in contact with CBS Staff, who will make sure that you either get the assistance or information you need, or that you are directed to the people who can help you.

Before your arrival you can also find help with your choice of study, information about CBS programmes, academic culture at CBS, and admission to our programmes at CBS. You can find contact information for the Student Hub under both Bachelor programmes and Master's programmes. However, we urge you to read through the regarding programmes and admission before contacting Student Hub.