Innovating for a Zero-Carbon Future - Podcast Recording hosted by Marianne Benfeldt Kellmann and Emil Husted featuring Jacobo Ramirez and Majken Schultz (CBS)

April 19 at 13.30-14.30, CBS Kilen, KL.S.48

Emil Husted, Associate Professor at CBS, will record a live podcast featuring Professor Majken Schultz. Majken has an impressive research background and currently addresses green transition management from a time perspective in the research project ‘Making Distant Futures Actionable: Innovating for Zero-Carbon Future’. Majken herself also has to tackle real world sustainability management dilemmas as the Chair of Carlsberg Foundation.

The session also includes an introduction to the Green Transition Podcast, CBS Sustain and a presentation of the podcast episode "Energy Transition in Colombia", with Associate Professor Jacobo Ramirez.


1. Presentation of CBS Sustain, by Associate Professor Emil Husted and Academic Officer Marianne Benfeldt Kellmann,

2. "Energy Transition in Colombia", featuring Associate Professor Jacobo Ramirez, CBS

3. Live Podcast Recording: "Innovating for Zero-Carbon Future" featuring Professor Majken Schultz, CBS


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