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Design Entrepreneurship: Developing a Field of Research (Kyoto Network)


This research both establishes and develops the interdisciplinary field of Design Entrepreneurship. At the centre of this research is the question of how design can drive entrepreneurship and innovation in companies, and how entrepreneurship that explores design as central to innovation can build a competitive advantage. We have seen a general 'aestheticization' in product development during the last decade, and more recently this includes also services. The non-tangible, atmospheres, moods, smell, sent, become part of what identifies a value for the customer and adds meaning to use, often associated with a certain life style. We define 'Design Entrepreneurship' as the entrepreneurial strategy that integrates and explores the design element in product- and service innovation for the purpose of offering the user/consumer values that are part of a lifeworld and lifestyle beyond the product/service as such. Both Denmark and Japan have historic advantages as cultures with a heightened design awareness.


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