Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Paradoxes and possibilities of growth (Paradoxes and possibilities of growth)


In the last two decades, the imperative of being entrepreneurial has become a catchphrase for many employees and managers. Recently, the public and academic discourses on entrepreneurship have incorporated a concern for sustainability. This project explores philosophically how the injunction on entrepreneurs to become sustainable makes the entrepreneurial imperative more complex and demanding. This exploration happens against the backdrop of a historical analysis of the uneven interplay between the economical and the ecological paradigms. The project will contribute to a better understanding of the conceptual contradictions inherent in sustainable entrepreneurship as well as the challen ges experienced by the entrepreneurs themselves. Taken together, the project will add to the knowledge of organizing ventures working with sustainable entrepreneurship.


Private (National)


VELUX Foundations


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Collaborative partners:

University of St Gallen, University of Essex, California Lutheran University, University of Leicester, New School for Social Research




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