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Customer perception of Augmented Reality in media applications –possibilities for new service innovations (NICe)


In this project, our aim is to create new service concepts around magazines and newspapers by taking into account the technological possibilities that exist today for combining printed and digital content, such as Augmented Reality (AR). We are approaching the service concept development from two perspectives:1)After the previous recession, advertising expenditure raised more slowly in the case of traditional print media than it did in the internet and other digital channels.There is a clear need for new service offerings in the B-to-B market in order to utilize the opportunities offered by combining print with digital. The use of AR technology would be one potential opportunity to create services around interactive advertising and at the same time build new ways of measuring the consumer actions by taking them from the printed product to digital content. 2)The growing use of smart phones and tablets are changing people’s media habits. Because access to web services is everywhere, consumers are more and more used to getting updated information based on their instant needs anywhere and anytime. This gives increased opportunities for sophisticated uses of technologies such as AR in media applications. It also provides excellent opportunities for magazine related services into the B-to-C market as devices for using the services are not a hindrance. An increasing share of Nordic consumers owns a smart phone (Forecast: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 2008-2015. Gartner Market Statistics 2011).


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