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Integrated Strategy Project

At the end of your MBA year, you will get a chance to put your newly acquired skills to the test by working closely with a local company on a strategic business challenge.

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Apply your new skills to real life

Working in small teams, under the guidance of faculty members and experienced executives, you will conduct an Integrated Strategy Project (ISP), for an internationally oriented company based in the region. The project will test your ability to use relevant theories, models and methods and apply them to form a strategy. You will identify a strategic issue in an organisation, extract the relevant data, analyse and structure the problem and then present the solution in a brief and precise manner for the company you work with.

Review and reflect to improve performance

Each ISP team will be allocated an external and internal supervisor with whom they will meet periodically throughout the four months of the project. The ISP culminates in a  group thesis, an individual oral defence of the thesis, and a group presentation to both the company and the examiner.

There a many valuable takeaways from the ISP experience, including the chance to work on a real strategic challenge, understanding of how various theories and frameworks work in practice, and the ability to put into operation various takeaways from LDP.

Past ISP projects

More than 800 strategy projects have been completed over the years and CBS has positive working relationships with many companies in the region. Previous strategy projects include:

  • A country-specific market entry strategy for a product developed by a pharmaceutical company.
  • A viability analysis and execution plan for consolidating¬† global R&D centres into the headquarters.
  • A product launch by a national agricultural supplier within an underdeveloped beverage category in Denmark.
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