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On this page we have put together a selection of our most commonly-asked queries. And if you need any further assistance, please do get in touch.


Q: Do I really need a minimum of three years of managerial experience to join?
A: Yes. We believe that the practical experiences of our participants enhance class discussions and form the required foundation for the accelerated leadership and general management development process.

Q: Is there any way to dispense with the formal requirements?
A: In rare circumstances the Study Board may grant a dispensation on your educational background. However, this requires evaluation on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our admissions team to learn more about your options.

Q: What is the target group?
A: The programme is designed for high achieving professionals aiming to advance their career into senior general management. The class caters for a wide range of academic backgrounds, for internationally-oriented individuals, as well as a broad spectrum of industries.



Q: When does your MBA begin?
A: The CBS Global Executive MBA commences each year in September and concludes 20 months later. The Executive MBA with Flexibility starts in February and lasts 26 months, and the Executive Certificate in General Management begins every February, lasting around nine months.

Q: When is the application deadline?
A: Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis and classes are filled continuously. Read more about specific application deadlines here. If you are interested in joining either class, please get in touch with our admissions team on +45 3815 6002 (Lone Ryevad Boysen) / +45 3815 6022 (Thuli Skosana) or mba@cbs.dk. Once the initial conversation has taken place, you may apply online using this link.


Q: Is it possible to join the CBS Executive MBA without a sponsoring company?
A: Certainly – if you can provide the necessary funding yourself. It’s worth bearing in mind that you must be a full-time employee in a management position in order to join the programme. And of course, you will need to have the acceptance and understanding of your employer that you are participating in the programme.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a scholarship for the CBS Executive MBA?
A: No, tuition is paid by either by the participant or their sponsoring company.

Q: Is it possible to finance the CBS Executive MBA via gross salary deductions / bruttolønsordninger?
A: Yes. With this pioneering scheme, the cost of tuition will come out of your gross salary – before taxes. More information on the gross salary deduction scheme can be found on the Danish Tax Authorities’ homepage here and here (in Danish).

Class content

Q: What is the emphasis of the CBS Executive MBA?
A: The CBS Executive MBA takes a general management and leadership perspective and prepares you to take on broader and more challenging leadership positions. The programme seeks to create value for you and your company from day one and this practice-orientation means that what you learn will be applicable to your job right away. You will find that the assignments ensure immediate payback for you and your sponsoring organisation.

Q: When are the classes and what is the duration of the programme?
A: The CBS Global Executive MBA is a 20-month, part-time programme. Teaching takes place over 11 one-week-long modules.
If you enrol in the Executive MBA with Flexibility or the Executive Certificates, you will meet on campus every other Friday and Saturday over the course of 26 months. You will have the option to take a break in between terms, and as long as you graduate within five years of starting the programme, you will be awarded the CBS Executive MBA degree.

Q: How large are the classes?
A: We deliberately keep our classes small as we believe learning is more effective when it takes place in an innovative environment where communication is easy and frequent.

This focus encourages close links with faculty, high interaction and networking between class members, and personal attention from the class administration.


Q: How heavy is the workload?
A: For each class that consists of three sessions each, you should expect to spend a total of approximately 15 hours on preparation.

Q: How do the in-company assignments work?
A: The purpose of the in-company assignments is to anchor the academic learning in the modules with the real world environment of your own company. You select a relevant issue in your company and analyse it using the models, theories and tools learned at the course.


Q: Are the classes taught in Danish?
A: No, all courses are in English, reflecting the international mindset of the programme.

Q: Do you follow the normal school holidays?
A: There will be no lectures during the school holidays, except for the winter holiday (which is around week seven or eight). However, you may have assignments to prepare which can overlap with some of the normal school holidays.

Admission Test

Q: Do you require Executive MBA applicants to take an admission test?
A: Yes, applicants will be invited to take the CBS Admission Test (if the applicant have not already taken the GMAT [Graduate Management Admission Test]).

Q: What does the CBS Admission Test involve?
A: The CBS Admission Test is a multiple choice test on business competencies. It is used to work out if you will need to take any preparatory courses prior to the start of the programme.



Q: Where do the Executive MBA classes take place?
A: Modules will be taught in Denmark, the UK and China, the US and Uganda for the Global Executive MBA.

For the Executive MBA with Flexibility and The Executive Certificates, modules are taught in Denmark, the US and China.

All Modules in Denmark take place on our campus at Porcelænshaven. Located just seven minutes from central Copenhagen and next to the metro station, Fasanvej, the CBS campus is easy to reach.

Travel times to CBS Porcelænshaven are: from Copenhagen Airport – 20 minutes. From Roskilde – 38 minutes. From Odense – 1 hour 40 minutes. From Aarhus – 3 hours 20 minutes. From Malmö C (Sweden) – 45 minutes.

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