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Sustainability in Business

Denmark and Copenhagen are at the forefront when it comes to developing sustainable business practices. That is why there is no better place than CBS for furthering your knowledge within this forward-thinking discipline.

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"Nowadays stakeholders will be looking for the actions behind their words. And not only that, the proof by means of reporting, regulation and the new Taxonomy." - Andreas Rasche, Professor and Associate Dean. Click to read the Financial Times Article.
Lead where others follow. Read this interview with Prof. Andreas Rasche to learn more about what you can get out of the Concentration in Governance & Sustainability.
CBS Professor Andreas Rasche
Responsible management is a priority area for CBS. Visit the Office of Responsible Management Education to learn more.

Why Sustainability Matters

We, as a global society, are waking up to the fact that we need to look after our planet and the communities and people around us. And it is not just in our personal lives that we must do our bit. Companies and organisations have a huge part to play in making sure sustainable business is at the top of the agenda, and consumers, investors and stakeholders are increasingly holding them to account.

An Integral Theme in our EMBA

We believe that the business leaders of tomorrow should uphold and endorse sustainable, responsible and ethical business values. That is why you will find that corporate sustainability is one of the key themes weaving its way through our programme. Because running your business in a sustainable way is not a fad, it is a long-term strategy, and one that should be integrated across all departments. CSR is integral to the success of your business and should never be merely an afterthought.

What You Will Learn

Throughout the course you will discover how corporate responsibility is pursued as a core strategy from the board level down, how flat organisational structures and leadership gender equality can foster company cultures built on trust and respect, and how public policies support sustainability initiatives from start-ups to mature organisations.

Most importantly, you will master the skills and the strategies to succeed in this critical arena and embrace the future of modern business in a sustainable way.

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