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At CBS, we are proud of our alumni, participants and of course the masterminds behind the courses. Here you can find their perspectives and insight.

The CBS MBA Programmes campus
The CBS Executive MBA campus

Testimonials from Participants/Alum & Insight from Professors

Experience our unique Scandinavian teaching style and tailor your studies to truly work for you. When you join our highly-regarded EMBA programme, you will become part of a unique network - meet your peers and learn more about the EMBA journey through participant testimonials below or visit our blog. Watch additional student and alumni testimonials on the CBS EMBA Youtube channel.

Leadership Development

For Tina Hørbye Christensen, CFO and Executive Vice President at Danish engineering consultancy NIRAS, it’s about going beyond financial results and becoming an innovative and ethical business leader. Read Tina's advice about 3 ways an Executive MBA can help you become a sustainable leader. 

“It (The Executive MBA) gave an international perspective which I think is important for a sustainable future. One company or country cannot change the future alone. Being forward-thinking means that you can accumulate knowledge from a mix of diverse voices. Responsible leaders should strive for diversity inside and outside their business as it increases the ability to lead well and become adaptable.” - Tina Hørbye Christensen, CFO & Executive Vice President at NIRAS

Tina at NIRAS


Senior professionals constantly look to develop their leadership skills so they can make a difference to their organisation. Find out how the CBS Executive MBA can develop your capacity to become a great leader - 3 Executive Leadership Skills You Need To Transform Your Career

“Leadership was the one course that really stood out to me. It had the biggest impact on my position at Atradius and was a huge help to me when stepping up to a management position and understanding myself in the context of leadership.” - Jesper Faurby, Country Manager at Atradius

Jesper Faurby at Atradius

How An Executive MBA Can Enhance Your Career in Human Rights

Find out how the Executive MBA enabled Andreas Baker to enhance his leadership ability and take his career in politics to the next level.

Andreas Baker

From scientist to commercial director with the CBS EMBA: Meet Nathalie Breysse, Director Global Strategic Marketing Pipeline, Lundbeck

“The world is changing very fast. As global leaders, not only do we need to understand our business and the organisation we work for, but also envision and embrace the macro environmental factors in order to evolve and excel.” Nathalie Breysse is a scientist turned commercial director with Lundbeck. Meet Nathalie and learn more about her EMBA journey in this video.

Nathalie Breyes - Executive MBA

Susanne Lundby, VP, Finance, and Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO, PensionDanmark

How did the CBS EMBA move Susanne Lundby, VP of Finance for PensionDanmark, from a manager to a leader? How has her final strategy project benefitted PensionDanmark? Meet alumna Susanne Lundby and PensionDanmark’s CEO Torben Möger Pedersen in this video.

CBS EMBA alumnus Susanne Lundby

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe, Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe, an architect keen to complement her skillset with an Executive MBA, funded the degree herself as she wanted to see where it took her. Afterwards, she landed a dream job at the Danish Association of Architectural Firms. Hear her story in this video.

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe CBS EMBA video 2018

Flexible Approach & Personalising the EMBA

Personalise your Executive MBA at Copenhagen Business School: Discover the Concentrations

Business is fast-paced & it is no longer enough to just know how to get things done. You need a holistic appreciation and an ever-evolving skillset to stay ahead and know-how to engage when challenges unfold. Copenhagen Business School's Executive MBA allows you to go a step deeper with Finance, Governance & Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Governance and Digitalisation – essential areas associated with business growth & led by experts to rapidly innovate participants skillsets and an organisations activities.

The Executive MBA Concentrations 

What is the CBS EMBA with Flexibility? Meet Paul Hargreaves and Louise Lerche-Gredal

Meet 2016 graduates Paul Hargreaves and Louise Lerche-Gredal in this video and find out how the CBS EMBA with Flexibility enhanced their professional profiles and added value to their organisations. Also in the video: Prof. and CBS EMBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid explains the programme progression and format.

2016 CBS EMBA graduate Louise Lerche-Gredal

What is the CBS Global EMBA? Meet Trine Storgaard Nielsen and Marco Harms

Meet 2016 graduates Trine Storgaard Nielsen and Marco Harms in this video and find out how the CBS Global Executive MBA has furthered their careers and propelled their organisations forward.

CBS GEMBA video thumbnail Trine Storgaard Nielsen



The Concentration in Digitalisation - Lessons and Integration

Meet candidate Libby Barhoumeh, Entrepreneur in Residence at GN Hearing A/S and current Executive MBA candidate and find out how she experienced the Concentration in Digitalisation in this video. 

The CBS Executive MBA Concentration in Digitalisation - Candidate experience


Business leaders that are striving to shine should look to the country’s world-leading innovation ecosystem. Read this Financial Times article Excellence in innovation is turning Denmark into a global powerhouse

“Firms can utilise data and AI here in a way that is not so easy elsewhere. You can track the data of each citizen (anonymously) and build an extremely rich picture that is particularly powerful for areas such as healthcare innovation – and it’s part of the reason why these companies are leading the field.” - Mercedes Delgado, Professor of the Concentration in Entrepreneurship & Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mercedes Delgado

Why Are More Women Entrepreneurs Studying Business in Denmark?

“CBS’s programs foster the ability to accelerate innovation in a setting of uncertainty, and make decisions with limited information." - Libby Barhoumeh, Entrepreneur in Residence at GN Hearing A/S and current Executive MBA participant. 

Libby Barhoumeh on Innovation


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