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Dive deeper into an area you feel will most benefit your career aspirations and your organisation. Or satisfy your quest for knowledge by simply selecting the concentration you will find the most interesting. The direction you choose is entirely up to you.

EMBA Personalise your MBA

Lead where others follow. Read the interview with Prof. Andreas Rasche to learn more about what you can get out of the Concentration in Governance & Sustainability.
CBS Professor Andreas Rasche
Embrace the digital transformation. Find out more about the Concentration in Digitalisation in this interview with Professor Stefan Henningsson.
Digitalisation - CBS MBA


As part of your CBS EMBA, you will be able to choose from four concentrations: Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship, Governance & Sustainability or Finance.

Each concentration will include two to four tightly integrated courses with one final exam at the end.

You may also opt to take additional elective courses at our partner school ESADE in Barcelona.


Find out more about the concentrations below.

Giving you practical tools to drive change in the digital economy.

Learn to embrace innovation and harness the capabilities of digital technology to inform your strategic thinking and transform every area of business.

You will discuss the threats of disruption, new market entrants and global platform companies as well as learn how to use data to lead the way forward, how to motivate and manage a digital workforce, and how to act to prevent and control the damage of cyber attacks such as we have seen hitting large businesses in recent years.

Course examples: Digital Platforms, Innovation Strategies in a Digital World, Managing the Digital Workforce, Digital Delivery Models

Available from April 2020
Governance & Sustainability
Understand the importance of corporate governance and sustainability for the leader of the future.

We will explore the need for strong leadership in understanding business risks and opportunities in an age of sustainability; compliance management and the importance of an ethical approach; the need to design production and supply systems in a more sustainable way as well as the need for leveraging finance and investing to expand long-term business contributions to a sustainable economy.

Course examples: Leadership & Corporate Governance, Compliance & Risk Management, Circular Economy and Sustainable Supply Chains, Sustainable Finance

Available from April 2020
Valuable tools for start-ups and established companies facing transformation.

Understand key aspects of the entrepreneurial journey along with frameworks and methods to help manage the inevitable uncertainty.

You will learn how to use design thinking to help articulate and map your entrepreneurial vision as well as how to create a value-driven business model, engage stakeholders in the process and build a platform strategy to shape the market around your innovation. We will use applied, hands-on projects and work through common challenges with innovation-driven start-ups in the entrepreneurship lab.

Course examples: Venture Creation: The Entrepreneurial Process, Platform Disruption and Platform-Based Business Models, Entrepreneurship-Lab, Resources for Scaling-Up: Engage with The Innovation Ecosystem

Available from May 2021

Understand how companies finance their operations and investments while simultaneously controlling risks and fulfilling the expectations of their stakeholders.

We will look at how entrepreneurs finance start-ups and how organisations raise funds both inside and outside of organised markets; the ways to control strategic and financial risks; how to value your own or another company; and how you can seize upon the opportunities provided by international financial markets.

Course examples: Private Equity & Venture Capital, Strategic Risk Management, Valuation & M&A, International Financial Management

Available from May 2021


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