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We are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Please find contact details below for the relevant Executive MBA staff.


Lone Ryevad Boysen CBS EMBA admissions manager

Lone Ryevad Boysen, Admissions Manager, Executive MBA
Email: lrb.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6002

Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor, Admissions Manager, Executive MBA
Email: am.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6022


 Kirsten Holst Teglgaard EMBA staff
Kirsten Holst Teglgaard, Programme Manager
Email: khr.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6015


Hanne Gert Munk, Programme Manager
Email: hgm.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6014


CBS MBA Malene Sejer Larsen

Malene Sejer Larsen, Career Manager
Email: msl.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6045


Camilla Mie Nilsson, Accounting Manager
Email: cmn.mba@cbs.dk  Phone: +45 3815 6013

MBA Director


Poul Hedegaard, MBA Director
Email: ph.mba@cbs.dk   Phone: +45 3815 6049

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