Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics


Find out what our current and alumni students say about the programme and learn how the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics has enhanced their career.

Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders

Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders

Meet current Blue MBA participants and how the programme will give them the toolkit to grow & meet the challenges, innovate, establish a resourceful & vast network, and much more.

The Ideal Education for Shipping and Logistics Professionals

The ideal education for Shipping and Logistics Professionals

Meet current Blue MBA participants and learn about their desires to enhance their leadership skills, drive sustainable solutions, gain a holistic understanding of the industry, and much more. 

Reach the Top with the Blue MBA at Copenhagen Business School 

Reach the top with the Blue MBA

How has the Blue MBA helped senior/C-suite professionals from around the world reach the top? Find out in this video from two impressive participants.

The journey ends: Meet two CBS Blue MBA graduates just before graduation


Meet Captain Prashant S. Widge and Peggy Hoeegh Grays, as they are about to graduate from the CBS Blue MBA. Join them as they look back on the past two years and share their takeaways from the MBA.

The Blue MBA explained

CBS Blue MBA 2018 video testimonials page

In this video, CBS Blue MBA Programme Director Irene Rosberg and participants Adam Kobren and Monika Lemajic explain why the Blue MBA is an excellent fit for senior shipping executives around the world looking to get ahead.

Jan Kragh Michelsen, Vice President, Maritime Business Unit Cobham SATCOM

Jan Kragh Michelsen Blue MBA

Jan Kragh Michelsen, VP for the Maritime Business Unit at Cobham SATCOM, talks about how coming into the MBA classroom setting after numerous years of work experience has escalated him to a higher level. Watch the video here.


Ole Bjørn Kraft, CCO, GMT Shipping Group 

Ole Bjørn Kraft Blue MBA

"The moment you stop learning is the moment when you start moving backwards," says Ole Bjørn Kraft, COO of GMT Shipping Group. Based in Hong Kong, he is currently enrolled in the CBS Executive MBA Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA). Find out why he choose to do the CBS Blue MBA at this point in his career in this video.


Søren Westerskov, Marine Pilot, Danpilot

Søren Westerskov Blue MBA

After a maritime career spanning 26 years, Søren Westerskov choose to do the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics to add management, leadership and strategy skills to his existing toolbox. Find out how the learning experience has helped him move from being a practitioner to becoming a leader in this video.


Saunak Rai, VP at Norgas Carriers Private Ltd and Blue MBA graduate

Indian Saunak Rai, VP of Commercial Operations at Norgas Carriers Private Ltd, graduated from the Copenhagen Business School Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA) in 2013. Find out how the programme and its network has given him a strategic edge over his competitors and helped him move from a middle-management to a senior management role - watch this video.


Frode Klepsvik, MD of Marine Technologies and Blue MBA graduate

Norwegian Frode Klepsvik is Managing Director of Marine Technologies, based in Singapore. He is also a graduate of the Copenhagen Business School Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA). Find out how the Blue MBA skillset helps him assess and analyse trends in the shipping industry and why he would recommend the programme to anyone looking to excel in the maritime industry - watch the video.


Erle Kristin Wagle, Manager at BW Fleet Management AS and Blue MBA graduate

Norwegian Erle Kristin Wagle is a Manager for Environmental Performance at BW Fleet Management AS. She was originally attracted to Copenhagen Business School's Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics because of its unique maritime focus and world-class reputation. Find out how the programme gave her the competencies she needed in order to rise through the ranks and get to the level of responsibility she has today - watch the video.


Written testimonials

“Participants in the Blue MBA have an ideal platform to absorb the best of international strategic theory and of practical approaches to the difficult markets in which we all operate.”
Anne H. Steffensen, Director General, Danish Shipowners' Association

Click on the links below to read even more endorsements:

Leif Nielsen, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, LNI Consulting, Denmark (Class of 2007)

"The CBS Blue MBA offers managers with many years of practical experience a unique foundation for renewed personal inspiration and career development. Representing a service industry (IT), which supports the shippping industry, the Blue MBA provided me with invaluable insights and perspectives on the fundamentals applying for customers acting in this truly global industry.
The intense sparring and cooperation with top professional teachers, business experts and fellow students have been extremely enriching and made the last two years the most valuable learning experience at all for me.”
Mikkel Brønnum Hansen, CEO of European Maritime Development Centre in Denmark (Class of 2005) 
"The MBA in Shipping in Logistics was a personal journey for me from being a very good practitioner in my field within shipping, to a position where I can see the bigger picture, and where I can apply theories in a practical way to my daily challenges.
Per Nordvang, Operations Director, DFDS Seaways, Denmark (Class of 2005)

“Before joining the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics, I worked for many yeas in the shipping industry. This MBA was one of the most challenging events of my professional career so far, and it has turned out to be one of the most valuable ones as well. It gave me the necessary academic tools and a new perspective to deal with the business challenges in Shipping and Logistics in a far better way.”
John Christen Jensen, VP Life Cycle Services, Norway (Class of 2005)
“The Blue MBA programme provides a shipping and logistics specific foundation to further build your career on. The recruitment of many management positions in shipping has traditionally been to offer the best Masters and Chief Engineers a shore-based position. It is imperative to have insights into how to operate a ship. Yet, it is equally important to have a thorough understanding of the market, the business environment and how to manage and lead people. I therefore see the Blue MBA programme as the perfect opportunity for people with technical and sailing background to boost their shipping careers. Although branch specific, the Blue MBA topics within leadership and economics are of a universal nature, the programme is therefore very well suited for other industries that support the shipping industry.”
Patrick Nowicki, Scandlines, Denmark (Class of 2003)

"The MBA in Shipping and Logistics presents an opportunity to meet like-minded persons in the shipping industry. Whether one expects to employ their MBA in their workplace, or just use it for personal development, this degree is the best available to people in the maritime industry.”


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“Joining the EMBA in Shipping and Logistics was probably the best career move for me; it prepared me to meet the challenges of growth and innovation, strengthened my implementation capabilities, enhanced my ability to transfer accumulated knowledge and experience to others and equipped me to better understand and address leadership challenges.” Óli Hans Hammer Olsen, Managing Director, Faeroese Maritime Administration, (Class of 2001-2003)

“During the course of the programme, participants are exposed to a unique network in this industry, which offers them the best learning opportunities and taps into the vast business experiences.” Carsten Melchiors,
Secretary-General, BIMCO

“This MBA provides the expertise of shipping industry executives who bring in real experiences, which complements the academic theories. This, together with the participants’ experiences, results in an extremely dynamic and interactive learning environment.” Jens Søndergaard, Vice-President, J. Lauritzen A/S