Master Programmes

Welcome to CBS' Master Programmes, where managers and experts meet to develop themselves and their organisations

Our ambition is to educate the people who develop our society. When you do a master’s degree with us, you become part of that ambition, together with the 3,500 other individuals currently pursuing continuing education. 

We train managers and experts to analyse and transform their practices through researched-based teaching closely tied to your everyday work life. Our teachers do research on the complex issues that you face. At CBS you have the opportunity to discuss your practices with both internationally recognised teachers and the other participants. Our extensive experience shows that the wide variety of participants from Danish and international organisations serves to broaden your horizons and expand your network. 

Build your own degree

Our programmes are flexible, allowing you to choose which courses to follow and at what pace. Begin with a single course to gain insights and new perspectives on a specific topic. From there, you can go on and enrol in additional courses to build your degree. 

You can choose courses from a wide range of topics such as Leadership, Business and Organizational Change, Innovation, Strategic Communication, Rhetoric, Personal Development, Finance and many more.

At Master of Business Development, which targets experienced key employees responsible for developing business areas in their companies, you can start with a single course and then combine your full master's degree with individual feedback from us. Some courses can be taken online.

Read more about Master of Business Development. 

The Master of Public Governance for managers in the public sector also offers a handful of courses in English, though doing the entire programme in English is not possible. 

Read more about Master of Public Governance (in Danish). Find the courses in English here.


CBS also has two master programmes taught in Danish: 

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