Further studies after HD?

In case you want to continue studying after completing your HD, it is important to familiarise yourself with your options. Many want to continue their studies in one of CBS’ master programmes. Our experience is that it is not without complications to go from a HD programme to a Master programme due to several reasons.

Master programmes at CBS

We experience that more and more HD students wish to continue their studies in a master programme after they have completed their HD. It is however not as easy to get into a Master programme as we want it to be, and it is therefore important to look into the matter as early as possible.

Note! It is always the student’s own responsibility to stay updated on webpages of the master programmes. You find all conditions and regulations in force concerning the admission into CBS’ Master programmes.

The below-mentioned on this page is just for guidance provided by the HD programme to strengthen our students’ opportunities if they consider continuing their studies. You should therefore always stay updated on the web pages of the master programmes.

Which of CBS’ master programmes can I take?

  • MSc in Economics & Business Administration
  • MSc in Business Economics and Accounting
  • Master of Social Sciences programmes

Other master programmes


Why is it difficult for HD students to get into a master programme?

The HD programmes are basically not intended as a further education programme where you need to study after completing the programme. Traditionally, the HD programmes were intended as a career tool where you study for a certain period and subsequently return to the business sector to apply your acquired competences. The HD programmes are therefore used as a career tool by many business people to achieve specific competences in order to expand and switch their career path and not as a further education programme.

In addition, CBS’ master programmes are in high demand as CBS generally is perceived to be an attractive place to study. The fact that CBS is located in Copenhagen results in many people applying for CBS programmes. It is therefore not only HD programme students who have difficulties with being accepted.

What can you do?
The best thing you can do as a HD programme student is that you take your HD programme seriously from the beginning and prioritise your studies. When it comes to selecting between applicants for the master programmes, it will always be the grades which are decisive for your chances to be admitted. The higher grades, the better are your chances to be enrolled.

As a HD student, you can study relevant courses making you more attractive in regard to admission. These extra courses must be taken and completed before you send your application which is why it is a good idea to be in proper time. Have a look at the specific entry requirements of the relevant master programme to get an idea of what they are searching for.
Do you meet the entry requirements of CBS’ master programmes as a HD student?

General requirements for the master programmes
As a HD student, you have to meet some general requirements. You must have completed and passed the HD programme and meet the language requirements and specific entry requirements for HD students which are: The grade for your final thesis in HD2 must be minimum 7, and your grade point average of HD2 must be minimum 4.5.  This does not mean that you are guaranteed a place because an actual selection among applicants is carried out.

If there are more applicants for a master programme than places, and this is often the case, then there must be selected between the many applicants. For that purpose, specific selection criteria which vary according to programme and concentrations if any are applied. In the selection process, the grades for the courses specified in the standard evaluations of HD2 will be reviewed.

MSc in Business Economics and Auditing
Do you wish to study an MSc in Business Economics and Auditing, the likelihood to be enrolled is greater if you have studied HD2 Accounting and Financial Management (HDR) or HD2 Finance (HDF). With these two programmes, you meet the entry requirements for the MSc in Business Economics and Auditing. In case you have completed another HD2 programme, you can supplement with courses in order to qualify for admission.

What can you do?
On the master programmes’ admission pages, you should look after the standard evaluations for the respective master programmes and find the ones specified for HD2. (They are often located at the bottom of the page under the tab “CBS bachelor degrees”).

Here you can get an overview of which academic areas form the basis for the selection criteria. Unfortunately, we cannot point out specific extra courses which increase your chances for admission, so it is up to you to find potential extra, meaningful courses. Ultimately, it will always be an assessment performed by the master programmes which is decisive for who will be admitted. We can therefore not guarantee anything.
What are the chances to be admitted into an MSc in Economics and Business Administration with a HD?

Since many CBS bachelor students take up a large amount of the available places in the master programmes due to them being natural progressions, the competition is strong and the places are few. Consequently, even fewer places are available for those who wish to study the same but have another educational background (e.g. HD2).

This means that as a Graduate Diploma student you must compete with all other students including: CBS students with another educational profile than the qualifying one, students from other universities, people with other bachelor degrees, international students (primarily for programmes taught in English), other qualified people and exemption applicants.

In other words, it is difficult to be admitted, and we only have few diploma students who make it each year. It is possible, but the chances are unfortunately limited. There are certain MSc in Economics and Business Administration programmes which are easier to be enrolled in, and here we see more diploma programme students being admitted. This includes the programme MSc in Business Economics and Auditing which especially is of interest to those who study HD2 Accounting and Financial Management (HDR) or HD2 Finance (HDF). So it is a good idea to think about alternative master programmes rather than the most popular ones in order to increase the chances of enrolment.

What can you do?
On the web pages of the respective MSc in Economics and Business Administration, you can click on  "Step 3 - Our answer". Here you find admission statistics which can give you an idea of the actual demand for each MSc specialisation.
What do they look at in my application?

As there are significantly more applicants than places on the MSc in Economics and Business Administration programmes, you will primarily be evaluated based on relevant courses in relation to the programme and especially grades. You can read more about selection criteria for MSc in Economics and Business administration.

What can you do?
The higher grades you get, the better are your chances of being enrolled. So working hard during your diploma studies will pay off.
Where can I find guidance (to learn more about my possibilities of increasing my chances)?

We would very much like to help, but our area of expertise is the HD programmes making it difficult for us to provide proper guidance on your position and opportunities. We are not accurately informed about decisions, changes and other conditions regarding admission into MSc in Economics and Business Administration programmes (e.g. the study progress reform). In addition, we are not familiar with the precise basis of valuation, and what exactly is looked at when reviewing the applications.

What can you do?
The study guidance of the specific master programme can of course provide the best guidance on everything concerning the admission into the master programme. The best thing you can do is to closely examine the home page of the specific master programme and, thereby, learn more about its entry requirements, possibilities to supplement and procedures. Afterwards, you can contact the master programmes to learn more about your situation.
What are my opportunities then if I want to continue my studies after completing my HD programme?

If the dream is to study one of CBS’ master programmes, you should definitely pursue this dream in spite of the small chances of success. It is however a good idea to reflect on alternatives, so you do not come up against a brick wall in case your application is rejected. You could for example consider
Are you going to use your HD degree abroad?

Do you need documentation explaining what HD is in English? Then you can use the following two documents.

general description of the form and content of the HD programme, and a description of the legal framework for the HD programme and the fact that the HD programme corresponds to a bachelor programme.


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