HD2 Strategic Sales and Marketing

Do you want to be in charge of a company’s sales and marketing activities both internally and externally? Then this programme is relevant for you. The programme typically attracts upcoming and current decision-makers within sales and marketing from an international perspective.

A contemporary marketing concept incorporates a range of central areas including marketing management & strategy, innovation, sales, marketing, applied consumer behaviour, online promotion strategy & social media, market communication, strategic brand management, etc.

The programme aims at developing your knowledge, skills and competences within strategic and tactical marketing management - regardless of whether the company operates on an industrial market (B2B), consumer market (B2C) or a public market (B2G).

The programme also provides insights into how marketing can establish a holistic approach to value creation in which all company functions/professions are included.

Which competences do you acquire through the programme?
The programme gives you a broad range of competences within marketing management on different markets: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Government (B2G). You are able to work with marketing on a strategic and tactical level applicable to all types of companies both nationally and internationally. Acquired competences include management, sales, key account management, trade marketing, service marketing, market communication and branding in addition to innovation and product development.
The programme will enable you to
  • Manage the company’s sales and marketing activities across internal functions in relation to a company’s external business partners.
  • Reflect on and communicate marketing problems and suggested solutions to other corporate functions from a management-related and international perspective on a tactical/strategic level.
  • Perform financial impact calculations in connection with coordination and manage development projects across company functions and international markets.
How does the programme benefit your company?
  • Your company does not only experience the value of your newly acquired knowledge after completing the programme but also during your studies.
  • The programme is based on practice, and you can apply your own company as a case during teaching activities. The programme is thereby relevant for exactly your company all the time.
  • You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
  • The teaching activities are offered in weekends and evenings during the week making it possible to coordinate the programme with a busy work life.
News: Weekend teaching every 3rd week
In order to make it easier to study a HD2 Strategic Sales and Marketing next to a busy full-time job, we offer weekend teaching activities every 3rd week.  This enables you to complete the programme through weekend teaching activities, but it also gives students on the evening classes the opportunity to make up for absence due to e.g. travels. It is possible to switch between evening and weekend teaching activities.

Teaching and study structure




Open Days and information meetings are held twice a year with the purpose of giving you all the information you need to make decisions on further education. Keep updated on these events on the Open Days page here

Do you have administrative/practical questions about HD2 Strategic Sales and Marketing?
Then contact us at hdsm@cbs.dk

Do you have other academic and content-related questions specifically for HD2 Strategic Sales and Marketing?
Then send an e-mail directly to programme director Claus Varnes (cv.marktg@cbs.dk), who will contact you asap.

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