HD2 Organisation and Management

Do you want to be better at handling management-related challenges as e.g. facilitating progress, innovation and improvements in your organisation. Then this programme is relevant for you. The programme is aimed at managers with staff responsibility, employees with managerial tasks as e.g. project management or operational management, employees interested in receiving managerial tasks and employees working with development and innovation.

The Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management (HD2) offers teaching activities at a high, international level for current and future managers. The programme provides a general analytical and methodical boost to put new, including international, perspectives on management and organisation. A Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management (HD2) enables you to make decisions and take action based on analysis, knowledge and experiences. You get a broad introduction to organisational theory together with the opportunity to specialise within a specified, well-defined academic area. Here you can read about our specialisations:

Which competences do you acquire through the programme?
The programme gives you a range of competences within management so you are equipped to take on management responsibility in private and public companies.

During the programme, you will develop your understanding of different managerial challenges and learn to solve them.

You will be taught in organisation and management theories and learn about the different forms of organisational structures in addition to the importance of interaction between managers and employees for the organisation’s development. Furthermore, you will get insights into the decision-making processes, strategic planning, collaboration and communication.

The programme will enable you to
  • Recognise and navigate in a complex, organisational environment.
  • Draw on deeper academic knowledge of how organisational phenomena, conditions and challenges can be understood, handled and managed.
  • Solve organisational and managerial challenges and problems.
  • Identify opportunities and create resources to exploit them and contribute to your organisation’s success.
How does the programme benefit your company?

Your company does not only experience the value of your newly acquired knowledge after completing the programme but also during your studies.
The programme is based on practice, and you can apply your own company as a case during teaching activities. The programme is thereby relevant for exactly your company all the time.

You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
Your company can continuously give you more responsibility as you acquire new competences.

Your career opportunities

With a Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management (HD2), your academic knowledge is supplemented with broad organisational and managerial competences.

With the programme, you become an important, qualified discussion partner for the company’s executive management either in the role as an internal consultant, leading business partner, project manager or head of department due to the combination of being able to analyse organisational problems, identify challenges and prepare operational action initiatives.



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