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The online programme is for you who have difficulties with being physically present for teaching activities at CBS. You might live far away from CBS, have a busy work life or be unable to combine work and family with a normal programme.

The Graduate Diploma in International Business as an online programme

The Graduate Diploma Program in International Business (HD2 IB) prepares you for the challenges that companies face when operating in Denmark and around the world.

Doing business across borders can be extremely profitable. It is not, however, without its potential pitfalls. The rules that govern cross-border business activities can be a lot more complicated and confusing than the rules governing domestic commerce. With global economic landscape rapidly changing and creating new opportunities, studying business from an international perspective is vital for all of you who are interested to work with diverse cultures and across international boundaries.

Knowledge about international business is useful not only to the private but also to the public sector. International business and public policy also go hand in hand. For instance, to formulate public policy, you need to know how context matters for business, understand the importance of institutions, culture and strategy for companies.

HD2 IB education will also help you create a global mindset, that benefits you in understanding the world around you better and in responding to challenges and current developments in business and society. Thus, providing you with the ability to make informed decisions that consider ethical, economic and social implications.

HD2 International Business is structured into two years. The first year of study consists of four compulsory courses, while the second year consists of two electives that give you the opportunity to specialize.

First year

Business in a global context
10 ECTS  
Strategy implementation
10 ECTS 
Strategy and decision making
5 ECTS  
Risk Management 

Second year

2 electives - 10 ECTS  
Practical Seminar
Final Project                    
What competences will you develop in this program? 

In the Graduate Diploma program in International Business (HD2 IB) you will learn to:

  • analyze the economic, institutional and cultural conditions and trends relevant to the business in a global context.
  • formulate and implement business strategies for global and local operations.
  • assess and articulate internationalization strategies for companies.
  • identify and evaluate the risks exposure associated with international investment.
  • conduct market analyses and plan business strategies targeting potential foreign markets.
  • apply knowledge pertaining to cultural differences in international business negotiations.
  • execute and evaluate international projects.
What will I learn to do in this program?

In this program you will learn how companies handle their operations in a complex business environment affected by politics and culture, how they implement business strategies and manage the risk exposure when operating in global markets. However, you will also learn that an integral part of doing busines and managing international projects is knowing how to negotiate and that understanding a foreign counterpart’s culture is a lot like peeling an onion, as you interpret behavior to reveal attitudes that are founded on values.

How does this education benefit your company?

We are in a continuous dialogue with companies in developing our education so that it matches their needs. Hence, this education will provide you with the practical knowledge and skills that will allow your company to experience the value of your newly acquired competencies by assigning you more responsibilities.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to work closely with a broad range of issues and topics that will enrich your wealth of knowledge: some of which may be particularly relevant for you and your company.

HD International Business offers you flexibility

At the HD in International Business, our goal is to deliver flexible teaching that gives you the best conditions to combine your education with an international career.

The HD in International Business runs face-to-face as well as online. The online program provides the opportunity to complete all course work online. However, it also provides an opportunity to simply complete one course at a time online to accommodate your busy work schedule.

Online teaching environment

Teaching: In the online program of the Graduate Diploma Program in International Business (HD2 IB), you have the opportunity to participate in weekly online lectures. Lectures are conducted via platforms such as Adobe Connect or Zoom and give you the opportunity to actively engage in teaching. The online lectures are also streamed so that you have the opportunity to access them at a later point in time. As a student in the online program you are also welcome to participate in lectures held at the face to face program.

Preparation: The online education is characterized by an applied approach. You will have the opportunity to continuously work with the course curriculum themes through Peergrade assignments, exercises and quizzes. The peergrade assignment is based on a peer to peer review system that helps to create an interactive study environment and ensures you a high degree of ongoing personal feedback.

Exams: In the online program, exams are usually project based and give you the flexibility to work with themes or issues that are particularly relevant to you.

Study material: You can access the study materials online through the use of CBS online platform - Canvas. There, you can access most of the study material directly including, articles, teaching videos, assignments, quizzes, etc.




If you want to know more about the online version of the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2), you have the opportunity to attend the online Open Days.
Date: May 4th 2021 from 17:00 to 19:00

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