HD2 Financial and Management Accounting

Do you want to solve complex problems relating to companies’ financial management and external reporting at a strategic, tactical and executional level? Then this programme is relevant for you. Typical students of the programme are consultants, auditors and others who are responsible for tasks within companies’ accounting and finance functions and who wish to take on management positions in trade, production and service companies.

HD2 in Financial and Management Accounting provides you with academic skills and competences on a high, specialised level carefully matched with the companies’ requirements and expectations.
As a manager or specialist, you will be qualified to participate professionally in the practical solution of complex problems in connection with companies’ financial management and reporting.

The programme develops and improves your analytical skills, and you will get in-depth knowledge of the relevant models and methods of the academic areas. Focus is on applying theoretical knowledge in practice, and you are therefore trained in using the financial methods and potential solutions on a number of cases. Your competences in taking a reflexive approach to the applicability and trustworthiness of models and methods are also developed.

In addition, the pedagogical work methods enhance your ability to cooperate, present and control discussions. You can thereby contribute to optimal knowledge sharing in the company.

Which competences do you acquire through the programme?
The programme provides you with competences which are aimed at positions such as company consultant, controller, accounts/financial manager and other jobs presupposing competences within companies’ financial management and accounting reporting. 
You will acquire academic competences at a high, specialised level which enable you to solve complex problems in relation to companies’ financial management and reporting. 
Your competences will make you capable of entering into cross-functional collaborations with external specialists and employees in other functions of the organisation for the purpose of developing practical solutions to the financial management and reporting problems.

The Programme will enable you to

    • Apply business administration theory and models in connection with financial management and accounting problems
    • Use financial management tools 
    • Identify, formulate, analyze and solve financial problems at management level 
    How does the programme benefit your company?
    • Your company does not only experience the value of your newly acquired knowledge after completing the programme but also during your studies.
    • The programme is based on practice, and you can apply your own company as a case during teaching activities. The programme is thereby relevant for exactly your company all the time.
    • You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
    • Your company can continuously give you more responsibility as you acquire new competences.

    Study to become a state-authorised public accountant 

    With a HD2 in Financial and Management Accounting, you meet the entry requirements for the MSc in Business Economics and Auditing, which is an educational prerequisite to become a state-authorised public accountant.

    Want to know more?

    Open Days and information meetings are held twice a year with the purpose of giving you all the information you need to make decisions on further education. Keep updated on these events on the Open Days page here

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