Enrol in the HD programmes

Enrol by submitting an application at the Application portal.


FAQ about enrolment in the HD programmes

Please read the Application portal instructions.

I am not able to log on to the application portal
Reply: Did you log on the same way as when you used the portal for the first time?

  • Did you log on by creating a user profile, you must choose "Log on as a self-registered user"
  • Did you log on through WAYF from the institution, in which you are enrolled/have been enrolled, you must choose "Login" and choose the institution from the WAYF list
  • If you used your NemID, you must choose "Logon via NemID"

I have created a user profile, but I have forgotten my password
Reply: Choose "I have forgotten my password", to get a new password

I have never received an activation link
Reply: Did you check you spam filter? If you are having trouble finding the email, log on by choosing "Log on as a self-registered user", and ask for a new password. If you encounter problems, please contact help@student.cbs.dk

My activation link has expired
Reply: Try to copy the link and paste it into another browser. If you still encounter problems, log on by choosing "Log on as a self-registered user", and ask for a new password.  If you encounter problems, please contact help@student.cbs.dk

Where can I find the HD programmes in the application portal?
Reply: Choose "part-time Diploma" (complete programme) or "single course - Diploma/Master" (single course).

I am not sure that you have received my application

Reply: You can see your application status under the tab "See application status". If it says "Received", we have received your application. You will also receive a letter in the application portal (the tab "Messages").

Do you have questions on how to enrol?

Questions regarding login and technical issues

Contact the IT support.

Telephone: +45 3815 3575

E-mail: help@student.cbs.dk.

Questions regarding enrolment

Contact the HD admission office.

Telephone: +45 3815 2750  Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 12.00 and 12.30 - 14.00

E-mail: hdtilmelding@cbs.dk