Online Studies 

The online HD1 provides you with teaching independent from time and space and thereby flexibility in your work life. Here, you can read the article about Kasper who studied HD1 as an online programme from New Zealand.


The online programme gives you...

  • Flexibility (the teaching activities are independent of time and space)
  • Mobility in your work life (with the opportunity to study)
  • Interaction and feedback during the programme (from fellow-students and lecturers)
  • Academic and effective pedagogical methods

The online programme requires active participation in the virtual teaching activities and teamwork in groups in addition to reading syllabus, do assignments, etc. The online teaching is varied and ambitious with online learning tools, exercises, short teaching films and not least online meetings where syllabus is discussed and assignments are reviewed with the opportunity to ask questions verbally or through chat. In case you are unable to attend the lecture on the specified day, you can see the recorded lecture on another time. 



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