Graduate Diploma (HD) in Innovation Management

Are you intrigued by innovation in a business perspective and working with processes and solutions that are out of the ordinary? Do you want to know how to create, facilitate, and implement innovation in a corporate context? And do you want to learn how innovation drives economic growth? Then the Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management is the choice for you.

Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management

There is a growing need for people who can work with innovation from a business perspective and translate important theories, concepts and methods related to creating and implementing innovation into practice. Most organizations, private or public, are facing structural, demographic, technological, and financial challenges. They need employees who understand how innovation management works, and who have the ability to initiate, manage and implement innovation in their own organizations.

With a Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management you will be able to fulfill this market demand and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become an innovation champion. You will learn about and experience concepts, methods, and tools for generating and implementing new products, services, processes, business models or organisational designs. You will be able to face the challenges involved in innovation and contribute to your organisation’s competitiveness and economic growth.


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Which competencies will you develop?

The programme will qualify the candidates to work with innovation from a business perspective and translate important theories, concepts and methods related to creating and implementing innovation into practice. This enables the candi­dates to work in organizations, organizational units and functions in both the private and the public sector where there is a need to understand how innovation management can be implemented in practice and how to take responsibility for creating and implementing innovation within their own organizations.

During the programme you will learn how to:

• Understand opportunities and challenges of innovation.

• Facilitate innovation from a business perspective on different levels within an organisation.

• Translate innovation theories, concepts, methods, and tools into successful innovation practices.

• Handle new forms of innovative practices that are more open, collaborative, distributed or democratised than traditional ones.

• Develop an innovation strategy, and lead employees/team members to innovate along the determined strategic orientation.

• Manage innovation projects along the entire process from ideation to implementation.

• Address the challenges involved in organising for innovation.

• Incorporate a market-orientation throughout the innovation process.

• Apply techniques through which innovation is financed and controlled in a way that increases value for organisations.

• Develop an innovative mindset and understand the factors that influence successful and failing innovation.

How the programme benefits your employer:

• The programme is a practice-based study where your employer’s organisation can be involved and discussed as a business case. It ensures that your study is continuously relevant to you and your organisation.

• You get the opportunity to focus on challenges that you usually lack the time to go into depth with during your daily work.

• Your employer can continuously entrust you with more responsibility, which benefits both your fellow colleagues and your own career.

About the Graduate Diploma programme

The Graduate Diploma programme in Innovation Management is... 

  • A study programme for which all students must pay tuition fee.
  • An education that is financed by your place of employment or yourself.
  • Unfortunately not entitled to state education grants (known as SU in Danish).
  • An education that correspond to a bachelor level.
  • The standard programme duration for the Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management as a whole is two years.


Do you have any questions?

The right sort of continuing education is a valuable investment in your future career. Please contact the student guidance counsellor by e-mail if you have any questions regarding entry requirements, study environment, professional identity et cetera.

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