HD - flexible studies to boost your career

Are you considering enhancing your professional competencies? Then you might find our HD-programme relevant for you. We offer HD1 and ten different HD2 specializations.


What is HD?

HD is

  • a supplementary education in economics and business administration
  • targeted those who have a business career and want to advance or change career/upgrade their competencies to a bachelor level.
  • studies financed by your employer or yourself.
  • unfortunately not approved for SU (education grant).
  • a degree corresponding to a bachelor*.
  • part time and flexible to fit a busy career life

HD consists of two independent programmes: HD1 and HD2.

  • HD1 - a basic education in business administration which provides the theoretical and methodological foundation for the HD2 specialization.
  • HD2 - a specialization in which you focus on a specific academic discipline. CBS offers ten different HD2 specializations .

HD has a prescribed study period of four years with two years of part-time studies for the HD1 and two years for the HD2. However, it is possible to extend the programme if necessary, as we also offer single courses. Single courses may also be a possibility if you just need some professional upgrading within a certain area. 

The English title of the full diploma programme is “The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration”. 

*Cf. The Ministerial Order on the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD), s. 3(4).


Flexible studies to fit your everyday life

Teaching methods

The courses are usually scheduled outside normal work hours - in the evening or during weekends - and in most HD programmes, you can choose between many different days to attend the same teaching activity, which offers you a great level of flexibility.

We also offer online teaching activities in some of our HD programmes which gives you even more flexibility in life - or the opportunity to study HD while working abroad.

Academic content applied in practice

The teaching activities in HD are research-based and business-oriented, and they are carried out by researchers at CBS as well as external lecturers from the business community in order to guarantee dynamic studies which are continuously improved and adapted to the world around us.

The students’ experiences are applied in the teaching activities, adding a practice-oriented dimension, and some of the teaching activities are based on group work. Discussion in study groups supports your learning and enhances your ability to listen, learn and discuss, making you an even better collaborative partner.

Blended Learning

We are currently developing and implementing Blended Learning as a part of the attendance-based classes. Blended Learning is an initiative which incorporates digital teaching methods in the in-class teaching activities. The new teaching methods will support the flexibility in the programme and the preparation for teaching activities as well as exams.

While the implementation is going on, the HD programmes will offer courses with and without Blended Learning elements. For now, two teaching methods exist in the HD programmes i.e. in-class (with Blended Learning elements) and online (in programmes offering this).