HD2 International Business

Type of registration

HD2 International Business is offered both as an attendance-based and online programme.


Type of registration

You can enrol in the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) as both an attendance-based student and online student.

An international career can result in extensive travel activity or long-term expatriation. It is therefore possible to complete the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) 100% online. You can also switch between attendance-based and online studies along the way.


The teaching activities are problem-oriented and centred around dialogue, lectures and case-based learning. Guest lectures from the business sector are invited. You attend teaching activities twice a week in the evening, Tuesday and Thursday at 17:10-19:45. The teaching activities are located at Copenhagen Business School on Frederiksberg.


In our online programme, you do not have to attend teaching activities except from the introduction night and the final oral exam in the final project. Learning is facilitated through intensive dialogue between lecturers and students in the programme’s own learning space. A strong team of lecturers is affiliated to the programme meaning that you are closely supervised and challenged according to your own pace.  The programme simultaneously requires that you can work independent and are able to organise your own studies. Features of the online programme are project-based teaching activities, online group work and personal coaching.

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