HD2 International Business


The Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) is a two-year programme completed with a final project.



The Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) is divided into a first academic year consisting of mandatory courses and a second academic year in which you specialise.

Below, you can see an outline of the programme structure in the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2).

There are two evening teaching activities per week, namely Tuesday and Thursday at 17:10-19:45 for the attendance-based programme.

It is possible to study the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) as an online programme if preferred. You can learn more under International Business online studies.

First academic year



Business in a global context
10 ECTS  
Strategy implementation 
10 ECTS  
Strategy and decision making
5 ECTS  
Risk Management
5 ECTS  

Second academic year



2 electives of a total of 10 ECTS  
Practical seminar
5 ECTS  
Final project
15 ECTS  



You should choose 2 electives e.g.:

International Negotiation Face to face / Online

International Project Management face to face / Online

You can also choose between the electives of other diploma programmes (HD).


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  • Number of students: 126 students
  • Average age: 30 year 
  • Gender distribution: 25 % women and 75 % men 

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