The online Graduate Certificate (HD1) is for you who want a challenging further education programme in business administration but have difficulties with being physically present for teaching activities at CBS. You might live far away from CBS, have a busy work life or be unable to combine work and family with a normal programme.



Online Studies 

The online Graduate Certificate (HD1) programme provides you with teaching independent from time and space and thereby flexibility in your work life. Here, you can read the article about Kasper who studies the Graduate Certificate (HD1) as an online programme from New Zealand.

The online programme gives you...

  • Flexibility (the teaching activities are independent of time and space)
  • Mobility in your work life (with the opportunity to study)
  • Interaction and feedback during the programme (from fellow-students and lecturers)
  • Academic and effective pedagogical methods

The online programme requires active participation in the virtual teaching activities and teamwork in groups in addition to reading syllabus, do assignments, etc. The online teaching is varied and ambitious with online learning tools, exercises, short teaching films and not least online meetings where syllabus is discussed and assignments are reviewed with the opportunity to ask questions verbally or through chat. In case you are unable to attend the lecture on the specified day, you can see the recorded lecture on another time. 


The Graduate Certificate (HD1) has a prescribed study period of two years on part-time, but you also have the opportunity to take the Graduate Certificate (HD1) as online courses and choose exactly those courses which fit with your development goals and career. The Graduate Certificate (HD1) is a flexible programme which you can organise according to your needs.


The Graduate Certificate (HD1) as online studies is an integrated programme where you will be a part of a coherent study environment.

The teaching activities take place online on CBSlearn which is CBS’ online learning platform. Besides access to a variation of learning tools and exercises, there will be many ‘online’ meetings through Adobe Connect and weekly activities. The teaching activities are scheduled on fixed days at 20:00. The days can be found in the year plans. Every course is assigned a fixed lecturer, and you will continuously receive systematic ‘feedback’ on your assignments and have the possibility to ask your lecturers and fellow students questions.

In connection with programme start, a ‘kick-off’ seminar will be held at CBS where you can meet your fellow students and lecturers and get an introduction to the programme, the courses and the virtual frameworks of your studies. Kick-off will be streamed for those students who are unable to attend.

We also have a ‘kick-off’ before each course starts to introduce you to the course and the upcoming learning activities. The ‘kick-off’ seminars only supplement the online teaching, and you can therefore complete the programme without participating in them.
Complete online course package
You can finish the online version of the Graduate Certificate (HD1) in the prescribed two years of studies if you take the complete course package. You thereby optimise the academic level of the programme because the order and progression of the courses are mutually adjusted.
Single Courses
A flexible Graduate Certificate (HD1)
Are you interested in taking the Graduate Certificate (HD1) in a shorter or prolonged period of time than the prescribed two years, then you have the opportunity to register for the online Graduate Certificate (HD1) programme as a single course student. You can thereby organise your studies to fit your life and daily activities. See suggestions on how to structure the Graduate Certificate (HD1) here. This applies to both the attendance-based and the online programme.

Single courses might also be the solution if you seek one or more specific competences and only are interested in some of the courses.

Prerequisites for single courses
In order to register for a single courses, it is recommended that you have knowledge of academic relevant mandatory courses, and you can only register for the final project in the academic year you expect to complete your Graduate Certificate (HD1).

Important information regarding online electives
We only offer the electives Strategy and Advanced Business Law as online electives. It is however still possible to register for other electives in the online Graduate Certificate (HD1) programme. You just have to take them as attendance-based courses.
Exam Abroad
There are both written and oral exams in the Graduate Certificate (HD1) as an online programme. For most exams, you have to meet up at CBS.

However, online students residing abroad have the opportunity to take the oral exams online (NB! With approved supervision. Any associated costs are covered by the student). In relation to written exams, CBS may conduct exams at a Danish representative office or at a partner university (NB! With approved supervision. Any associated costs are covered by the student).

Note that this opportunity only can be applied when CBS has approved the location and supervisor.

Please contact the programme secretariat for the Graduate Certificate (HD1) for further information.

Switch between attendance-based and online studies
It is possible to switch to the attendance-based programme just as attendance-based students can switch to the online programme. This can be necessary e.g. if you will be an expatriate for a period.

However, you must be aware of potential difficulties with finding a study group if you change late in the semester.
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