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The Graduate Certificate (HD1) in one year?

What should I pay attention to if I choose to complete the Graduate Certificate (HD1) within 1 year?
A Graduate Certificate (HD1) can be combined in many ways, e.g. it can be completed in 1 year instead of the prescribed 2 years. If you consider taking the Graduate Certificate (HD1) in 1 year, you should both include academic and personal aspects in your considerations.

Personal considerations

  • It is important to be aware of the amount of work. Our experience is that students use 40 hours weekly on average. We therefore recommend that you match your expectations with your work place, family, friends, etc.
  • In addition, it is important to consider what activities you can attach lower priority to in order to create balance, including family, friends, hobbies, job, sport, etc.
  • We also recommend that you clarify with your workplace that there will be days with exams, bigger projects, etc. which require days off from work. An overview of exam dates etc. is available after admission.

Academic considerations
When making your considerations, you should be aware of different academic aspects in relation to the structure of the programme.

  • The 7 days exam case in Managerial Economics is handed out the day after the submission of the final project which is also the case for the re-take exams. Assignments and exams of these two major courses are generally placed in the same period.
  • Macro Economics, Managerial Economics and a spring elective will not be completed before the final project begins, so these courses will run simultaneously with the final project for a while.
  • The re-take exams for electives are on the same day as the re-take exam for Data Analysis.
  • It is possible to withdraw your registration for the ordinary exam and instead go to the re-take exam. However, exams are only offered twice a year meaning that if you withdraw your registration for the ordinary exam and do not pass the re-take exam, this exam can first be taken again the year after.
  • It is important to submit wishes for class registration to avoid that teaching activities overlap.

Finally, you must keep in mind that if you choose to study the Graduate Certificate (HD1) in this combination, it is your own responsibility to be aware of the above and potential other overlaps in the programme structure. If you consider structuring your Graduate Certificate (HD1) in this way, you are welcome to contact the Student Guidance Service and discuss the matter.

Programme start in the spring?

Can I enrol in a diploma programme with start in spring?
The academic year of the diploma programme (HD) starts as most other programmes i.e. end August/start September (right after the summer break). This is the only actual programme start available if you wish to study the diploma programme as a complete course package. So if you for example decide in October that you want to enrol in the diploma programme as a complete course package, you have to wait until next programme start - next September.

You have the opportunity to start your diploma programme even though the academic year and the teaching activities have started for the complete course package. Through the single course option, you can start in those courses whose teaching activities have not yet started. You can register for these single courses until course start (no later than two days before).

If you study a single course in one of the diploma programmes and start the complete course package in autumn, you do not have to take the course again.

Single courses have start-up throughout the academic year, and you can register for these provided that you meet the entry requirements for the specific diploma programme (HD). It varies from diploma programme to diploma programme what is possible. Therefore, please contact the diploma programme you consider to apply for well advance.

Important in relation to the Graduate Certificate (HD1)
You can register for the following single courses in the Graduate Certificate (HD1) until the teaching activities start:

If you wish to enrol in these courses, you should realise that you might be expected to have prior knowledge of course content which are scheduled earlier on in the complete course package.

For instance, it is highly recommended that you have knowledge of some parts of the course Managerial Economics before you enrol in Macro Economics as a single course as Macro Economics builds upon the content of Managerial Economics. You can contact the Graduate Certificate secretariat (HD1) regarding this.

In general, it is wise to postpone study start if you are rather new to managerial economics as most of the other courses in the diploma programme require knowledge of managerial economics. Knowledge of economics and business administration can of course have been acquired in another programme or by other means (e.g. through work experience).

Important  in connection with the Graduate Diploma (HD2)
The Graduate Diploma (HD2) also has single courses which start continuously during the academic year but prerequisites might apply. For instance, you might be required to have passed specific courses before you can access other courses. If you wish to start the Graduate Diploma (HD2) with courses scheduled in spring, you can contact the secretariat of the specific Graduate Diploma programme (HD2) which offers the course. You find contact information here.

Can you switch between attendance-based and online studies?
No, you cannot freely switch between attendance-based courses and online studies. The explanation is that the two types of teaching are constructed differently, and we cannot guarantee that the courses go through syllabus in the same way. Moreover, you cannot just attend the teaching activity on Saturday if you were unable to show up for the teaching activity Thursday.

If you wish to switch from attendance-based teaching to online teaching (or vice versa), you must be enrolled as a single course student instead, and it must take place between semesters. Please contact  the Graduate Certificate secretariat (HD1) or the Graduate Diploma secretariat (HD2) if you wish to switch class.



Help to
In the following overview, you can find help to localise different functions on which will be useful to know as a diploma programme student.

CBS Calender
The time and place of your teaching activities are displayed in your timetable. You find the timetable by clicking on the orange menu tab in the right-hand corner of the page >> timetable >> the CBS Calender will open.

Online Student Service
In the Online Student Service, you can find information regarding your registrations for and withdrawals from exams and teaching activities in addition to your exam results. You find the Online Student Service by clicking on the orange menu tab in the right hand-corner of the page >> Online Student Service >> Log in

IT support for login
If you are unable to access, try and reset your password as it might have expired. You can reset your password here. Are you still unable to get access or do you have other IT problems, contact CBS IT by mail or at 38153575.

Year plan
At, you can find a year plan which gives a good overview to plan your studies. Among other things, it shows the teaching periods of the different courses and when exams, re-take exams and submission deadlines are scheduled. You access the year plan through my studies in the main menu >> Study start and study planning.

Practical information
You can find a lot of practical information about campus at For example regarding parking, opening hours and how you set up your computer to print. You find this by clicking on Campus and Library in the main menu >> Campus - Practical Information.

CBS mail
As a CBS student, a lot of important information will be send to your CBS mail. You login to your CBS mail through the orange menu tab in the right-hand corner of the front page >> Mail. If you wish to forward your CBS mails to your personal mail or add it to your Outlook or smartphone, you can find guides for setup by clicking IT and Tools in the main menu >> IT platforms and facilities >> CBS mail

Exam dates and time
Information on exam dates and time and other relevant information on the exam will appear under My Studies in the main menu >> Courses and Exams >> Click on the the course you want to find exam information about.

Credit transfer, exemptions and an assessment of competences

Below-mentioned is intended for you who doubt whether you can apply for credit transfer, exemption or an assessment of competences. It especially requires that you know what you actually apply for.

  • When applying for credit transfer, you want to be exempted from one or more courses based on passed educational elements equivalent to the course(s) in question.
  • When applying for an exemption from entry requirements, you want to be enrolled based on another educational background other than the direct qualifying exams.
  • When applying for an assessment of competences, you want to be enrolled based on an overall evaluation of your total competences.

If you are uncertain about which application to send, we have compiled a guide on how to send the right application. Read more here.


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