How to enrol

Read more about how to enrol to the Graduate Diploma programme (HD) on this page.

Enrolment in the Graduate Diploma

Enrolment to Graduate Diploma dingle courses in the study year 2018/2019 is still open. Enrolment to the full programmes is closed.

If you fulfil the entry requirements to the Graduate Diploma you can enrol in two ways:

  • The whole programme - this way you enrol in a study programme with the academic progression and at a pace to which the programme is organized. A new whole programme begins every September.
  • Single courses - this way you choose how you wish to combine your study and in what pace. Therefore, you must be aware of whether there are courses which require specific academic qualifications. Note that you have to complete one application per single course (if you wish to enrol in several single courses in the upcoming academic year).

Make sure that you have the relevant documentation ready for upload in the Application Portal. When you apply for one of our programmes, you must upload your certificate of your qualifying examination plus documentation for two years of relevant work experience. For more information see Admission and credits.

How to document your work experience

You can document your work experience by submitting:

Be aware that your CV is not valid as documentation for work experience.

I have enroled - when do I hear from you again?

In relation to the ongoing single course enrolment in the Graduate Diploma you will, within a week, receive an answer regarding your admission. Are you not a former student at the Graduate Diploma, you will receive a welcome letter and practical information about CBS login. This will be send to you via e-Boks.
Your admission to the Graduate Diploma is only final when you have paid your tuition fee. You have to pay your tuition fee as soon as you receive your CBS login.

Are you already a student at the Graduate Diploma?
If you already are a student at the Graduate Diploma and you wish further information about you study programme, you will have to contact the individual Graduate Diploma secretariat.

FAQ about enrolment at the Graduate Diploma programmes

Please read the guide on how to login and enrol.

I am not able to log on to the application portal
Reply: Did you log on the same way as when you used the portal for the first time?

  • Did you log on by creating a user profile, you must choose "Log on as a self-registered user"
  • Did you log on through WAYF from the institution, in which you are enrolled/have been enrolled, you must choose "Login" and choose the institution from the WAYF list
  • If you used your NemID, you must choose "Logon via NemID"

I have created a user profile, but I have forgotten my password
Reply: Choose "I have forgotten my password", to get a new password

I have never received an activation link
Reply: Did you check you spam filter? If you are having trouble finding the email, log on by choosing "Log on as a self-registered user", and ask for a new password. If you encounter problems, please contact

My activation link has expired
Reply: Try to copy the link and paste it into another browser. If you still encounter problems, log on by choosing "Log on as a self-registered user", and ask for a new password.  If you encounter problems, please contact

Where can I find the Graduate Diploma programmes (HD) in the application portal?
Reply: Choose "part-time Diploma" (complete programme) or "single course - Diploma/Master" (single course).

The application portal does not automatically retrieve my exam results
Reply: Start the download of your exam results again and continue to create your application. If you succeed, you can see it under "Requirements and qualifications". If you still experience difficulties retrieving your exam results, you have to manually upload your diploma under "requirements and qualifications".
Please note that you only can retrieve your exam results if you are enrolled or have been enrolled in one of the mentioned institutions.

I am not sure that you have received my application
Reply: You can see your application status under the tab "See application status". If it says "Received", we have received your application. You will also receive a letter in the application portal (the tab "Messages").


Do you have questions on how to enrol?

Contact technical support

Do you have questions regarding login and technical issues? Call the IT support

Telephone: +45 3815 3575


Questions regarding enrolment

Do you have any questions regarding enrolment or non-technical questions? Contact the Graduate Diploma admission office:

Telephone: +45 3815 5702  Monday to Friday from 9.30 - 12.00 


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