Graduate Diploma in International Business

Do you find it interesting to analyse and manage international business processes? And do you picture yourself in a managerial, analytical or specialist function in international companies or organisations collaborating with foreign actors? Then this programme is relevant for you.

Graduate Diploma in international business

The Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) enables you to manage the challenges of globalisation. The programme provides you with competences related to finance and management which are necessary to meet the challenges faced by international business managers.

The programme will qualify you for managerial, analytical and specialist functions in international companies and organisations. As the most international-oriented diploma programme in Denmark, CBS’ Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) enhances your career opportunities both internationally and in Denmark.

You can study the programme as a traditional, attendance-based programme or as a virtual programme compatible with expatriation and stays abroad. Parts of the teaching activities will be held in English by international lecturers, and the programme has a modular design with flexible selection and rejection.

Which competences do you acquire through the programme?

In the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2), we offer a coherent programme focused on management and international business operations. Internationalisation is associated with considerable advantages but is simultaneously connected to a high degree of complexity caused by distances and differences between countries.

Through the programme, you have the opportunity to acquire analytical and management-related competences enabling you to handle and develop the company’s international activities.

The programme will enable you to
  • Analyse financial, institutional and cultural aspects and tendencies.
  • Assess entry strategies for new markets and develop the company’s global value chain.
  • Complete market analysis in addition to planning and adjusting marketing-related initiatives locally.
  • Develop the company’s structure, communication and knowledge-sharing between business units.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate international projects.
How does the programme benefit your company?
  • Throughout the duration of the programme, your company will get value from your acquired competences and will continuously give you more responsibility.
  • The programme is based on practice and gives you great opportunities to work with topics and problems relevant to you and your company.
  • You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
You can study the programme online
  • The Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2) is a flexible programme which gives you great opportunities to combine studies with an international career.
  • The programme can be completed online, and it is possible to switch between attendance-based and online studies during the programme.
  • Online lectures through Adobe Connect, teaching videos and assignments provide you with the information you need.
  • Assignments include: Peer-grade assignments; with feedback through peer to peer review
  • or quizzes; with automatic online feedback.
  • The online lectures are recorded and can be accessed by both attendance-based and online students


Want to know more?

Open Days and information meetings are held twice a year with the purpose of giving you all the information you need to make decisions on further education. Keep updated on these events here: Open Days 30 April 2019

If you have questions regarding the Graduate Diploma in International Business (HD2), you are welcome to contact the programme director Kristian Jakobsen or our programme administrator Andrea Blaabjerg-Mølbæk (

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  • Number of students: 126 students
  • Average age: 30 year 
  • Gender distribution: 25 % women and 75 % men 

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