Graduate Diploma in Finance

Do you want to develop an analytical and theoretical foundation you can draw on in your work with financial problems? Then this programme is relevant for you. Those who enrol in the programme are typically employees or managers in the financial sector e.g. bank, mortgage credit, insurance, pension or others who work with financial operations and decisions.


The Graduate Diploma in Finance (HD2) is concerned with financial planning and decision making in companies, which are useful in the assessment of companies’ value in addition to their operations and capital procurement.   Moreover, matters of accounting and fiscal frameworks are analysed.  Financial assets have a central position in the programme through courses as Income, Portfolio Analysis and Derivatives.

A Graduate Diploma in Finance (HD2) gives you insights into financial analysis on a high theoretical and practical level. The programme takes point of reference in the financial knowledge and research affiliated to the Department of Finance in collaboration with distinguished researchers and respected practitioners. The programme is thereby based on and continuously adjusted to the developments within financial theory and added new research results within the financial area while also assigning high priority to pedagogical teaching characteristics.

Which competences do you acquire through the programme? You will also be familiarised with the legislative terminology regulating financial companies.

The programme will enable you to:

  • Analyse concrete financial problems such as cost benefit analysis subject to uncertainty and tax, the company’s capital structure, dividend policy and acquisitions.
  • Hedge with derivatives.
  • Conduct statistical analysis of market data both on micro and macro level.
  • Understand the legal terminology regulating financial companies.

How does the programme benefit your company?

  • Your company does not only experience the value of your newly acquired knowledge after completing the programme but also during your studies.
  • The programme is based on practice, and you can apply your own company as a case during teaching activities. The programme is thereby relevant for exactly your company all the time.
  • You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
  • Your company can continuously give you more responsibility as you acquire new competences.

The programme enhances your carrer opportunities

The programme provides you with great career opportunities e.g. in a financial company or a company’s financial department. New financial products and new methods to analyse them are continuously developed.   On the same, practical financial problems become more and more complex. The Graduate Diploma in Finance (HD2) brings you to the forefront of this development and enables you to solve the challenges it causes.


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