Graduate Diploma (HD) in Supply Chain Management

A Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management makes you a specialist in value chains, logistics and strategic procurement. Are you interested in working with and analyzing supply chain practices in a business perspective and optimizing your employer’s value chains and processes? Then the Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management is the right choice for you.


Both now and in future, the focus of many enterprises is/will be on the necessity of having rational, integrated and well-functioning value chains. Internal value chains, such as supply chains and the international network of which enterprises are a part, are increasingly integrated as an important strategic competition parameter in Danish and international trade and industry.

The Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management prepares you for being able to design and control efficient value chains. This competence is very much a requirement in Danish and international trade and industry. As the Graduate Diploma programme in Denmark with the greatest focus on design and control of rational, integrated and well-functioning value chains, the Graduate Diploma programme in Supply Chain Management at Copenhagen Business School gives you special career advantages both nationally and internationally.

The Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management also gives you the possibility of specialising within.

  • Strategic purchasing
  • IT and process development for global logistics and supply chain operations
  • Accounting and control for global supply chains

Which competencies will you develop?

Well-managed supply chains have become more and more valued as something that gives your company a competitive edge. The Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management gives you the competences to design, control and manage such value chains effectively. You will be able to develop and control the entire company supply chain from idea to the end-user, so you increase both the quality of your product and ensure that customer expectations are fulfilled.

During the programme you will be able to:

• Map out processes.

• Prepare strategies for the value chains of enterprises.

• Design and develop the production systems and processes (services/products) of enterprises.

• Perform value chain and LEAN analyses.

• Design performance management systems.

• Prepare financial impact assessments of strategies and process choices.

• Design and coordinate the distribution and supply chain of the enterprise.

• Develop the purchasing processes and supplier relations of the enterprise.

• Manage Information technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) based on development of supply chains.

How the programme benefits your employer:

• Your organisation gets the opportunity to focus on challenges, that you do not always have the time to go into depth during your daily work.

• You can already offer your employer the benefits of your studies during the programme.

• Your employer can continuously entrust you with more responsibility, because of your newly acquired competencies. It will benefit your fellow colleagues, as you share your knowledge.

How we ensure that the programme is relevant for you and your company

Supply Chain Management is a flagship CBS Programme and is very attractive for people who have a functional orientation towards production, procurement, logistics and transportation of both products and services.

The Graduate Diploma programme is a practice-based study where you can involve your company as a business case. It ensures that your study is continually relevant for you and your company.



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Fact Box

Number of students: Approximately 100 students
Average age: 33 years
Gender distribution: 35% women and 65% men (at the 2015 Admission)

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