Graduate Diploma (HD) in Supply Chain Management

Copenhagen Business School’s Graduate Diploma program in Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides you with the right skills to become a leader in orchestrating end-to-end value creation. We offer you the right mix of qualitative and quantitative tools to develop your expertise in supply chain management!

Supply chains are the backbone of global business. They are the link between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers and consumers. In today’s business world, it is not single companies that generate competitive advantage, but the global supply chains they are a part of. Supply chain management tears down the walls that separate operations, logistics, procurement, IT and strategic management – within and between companies.

The role of supply chain managers has become increasingly central: Current or former CEOs of leading companies like Apple, General Motors, Lego, Mærsk or Procter & Gamble and many service companies all have an operations and supply chain management background.

Which competencies will you develop?

The Graduate Diploma (HD) in Supply Chain Management provides the right mix between strategic decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving, process management, business analytics, and people management.

Supply Chain Management is of high value for managers who aim to widen and broaden their personal toolsets. You will develop the competences and skills in areas such as:

  • leadership
  • business process design & automation
  • data analytics
  • network design
  • strategic management
  • sustainability and social responsibility
  • lean management
  • functional knowledge (operations, logistics and procurement)
  • negotiation and relationship management
  • digitalization
  • software tools
  • planning

The Graduate Diploma (HD) in Supply Chain Management also gives you the choice between different specializations.

During the programme you will be able to:

Supply chain leaders of the 21st century are both specialists in their functional areas (operations, logistics and procurement), and generalists, who are able to connect the dots between strategy, processes, data and performance. They are the “spiders in the web” of a company, which provides them with a great overview over the entire company, and offers great career opportunities across the company.

This program is suitable for you if your work is either in a manufacturing or service sector.

How the programme benefits your employer:

The Graduate Diploma (HD) in SCM is a research-based program where you will be enabled to provide solutions for real-world business problems.

How we ensure that the programme is relevant for you and your company

You will get the right set of tools, methods and concepts. The program is constantly updated to newest practices and trends.


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Fact Box

Number of students: Approximately 80 students
Average age: 33 years
Gender distribution: 35% women and 65% men (at the 2019 Admission)

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