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You apply via our online application portal that you will find on the top of the page Enrolment. Remember to thoroughly read the instruction guides before you start the application process. 

Are you not a former student at the Graduate Diploma (HD), you will receive a welcome letter and practical information about programme start, CBS login, payment procedure and more. This will be send to you by post. 

Your admission to the Graduate Diploma programme is only final when you have paid your tuition fee. You have to pay your tuition fee as soon as you receive your CBS login.

The deadline for applications 2018 will be June 17.

HD in Innovation Management
All classes will take place at CBS Studio.


Below you can find an overview of those exams which qualify you for the Graduate Certificate (HD1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD2) respectively and information on what you can do if you do not meet the entry requirements and therefore have to apply for exemption from the entry requirements. 
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NEWS: If you have a master degree, you can be enrolled in single courses in the Graduate Diploma (HD2). Read more about single courses and see the total selection of courses on the single course page.

Entry requirements Graduate Certificate (HD1) 
The Graduate Certificate (HD1) is only offered in Danish, which means that all courses are taught in Danish. Read more about the entry requirements for the Graduate Certficate (HD1) here.  
Entry requirements Graduate Diploma (HD2)
In relation to admission to the Graduate Diploma (HD2), you must meet the following requirements:
  • A qualifying exam
  • A minimum of two years of relevant work experience (the definition of two years of relevant work experience is found below)

Qualifying examination to the Graduate Diploma programme: 

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (HD part 1)
  • Relevant Academic Programmes or Undergraduate Degree within the field of Economics
  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management, (HA), Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Economics or Business, MSc in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.) or other relevant Master’s Programmes within the field of Economics

There are several other programmes and combinations, which supplemented with one or more subjects, may give you direct admission to the Graduate Diploma Programmes. You can apply for exemption from admission requirements if you have an corresponding educational background within the field of Economics. Further information regarding this can be found under the section "Do you not meet requirements?".

Two years of relevant experience


The definition goes as follows:

  • The work experience must be acquired after or during the qualifying degree. That means that work experience before the qualifying degree do not count. You can count the work experience up till the beginning of first semester at the Graduate Diploma.
  • A full-time job is defined as minimum 30 hours per week, and a part-time job is defined as minimum 15 hours per week. One year in a part-time job will therefore be converted into a half a year in a full-time job. Employments less than an average of 15 hours per week will not be counted.
  • The work experience can comprise multiple employments. The employments must however be a minimum of 6 months.
  • Relevant work experience implies that the employment must give you insight into the financial/organisational functions. Trainees and internships during or after the qualifying degree can also be included.


When you document your work experience, it is your responsibility to give us the correct information. Please make sure that the specified documentation shows the following:

  • The full period of employment for each relevant employment (from start till finish).
  • The average number of working hours per week.
  • A short description of the work content.

Your work experience must be documented by means of an Employer’s Declaration from your current employer or by a statement from your former employer, salary statements (first + last) or similar. 

You can find the Employer's declaration form here.

Here is a small guide explaining what can be used as valid documentation.

Do you meet the requirements? 
Here you have a guide which helps you determine what application you should send. Read more by clicking here.


Exemption and qualification evaluation in connection with admission

If you do not meet the requirements of a qualifying exam or two years of relevant work experience for the Graduate Diploma (HD2), you can apply for exemption. Different forms of exemptions and eligibility assessments exist.

  • If you wish to apply for exemption based on another educational background, you must apply for exemption from entry requirements. Only passed degrees and/or passed courses can be assessed in cases of exemption - see below.
  • If you apply for enrolment based on your total competences (and not just your educational background), you should make use of the opportunity for the assessment of competences - see below.
  • If you apply for exemption from the entry requirement of two years of work experience applicable to the Graduate Diploma (HD2), you must obtain an assessment of competences - see below.

Exemption from entry 

You can apply for an exemption from the entry requirements if you have an educational background similar to the qualifying exams.
In case you have another educational background, it may give access to the diploma programme if it has a corresponding level within the following academic disciplines:

  • Competences within business administration equivalent to the Graduate certificate (HD1)
  • Competences in Business Research Methods and project work equivalent to the Graduate Certificate (HD1)
  • Basic skills in Macro Economics and Business Law
  • Basic skills in Data Analysis including knowledge of financial uncertainty

You can find the  Exemption Form here 

The exemption form and various appendices must be send as one PDF-file to HD Application or uploaded in the application portal.


It is possible to have your collective knowledge, proficiency and competences assessed according to the diploma programme (HD) content.
Those competences you have acquired through work experience, organisational activities, board duties etc. can be of value corresponding to actual educational competences. You can get an official statement of these competences in form of an assessment of competences.

You can apply for an assessment of competences with the purpose of proving:

  • that you have the necessary competences equivalent to the admission requirements for the Graduate Diploma (HD2)(certificate for admission to the Graduate Diploma).
  • that you have relevant work experience before your qualifying exam (certificate for admission to the Graduate Diploma) - Read about definition and documentation regarding work experience under ‘Entry requirements for the Graduate Diploma (HD2)*.
  • that you are proficient in parts of the Graduate Certificate (HD1) or the Graduate Diploma (HD2). This is similar to a credit assessment, however, with the difference that the assessment for a competence certificate also includes other competences than your educational background (competence certificate for courses on either the Graduate Certificate (HD1) or the Graduate Diploma (HD2)).
  • that you have competences equivalent to the entire Graduate Certificate (HD1) or an entire Graduate Diploma (HD2)(certificate of education for either the Graduate Certificate (HD1) or the Graduate Diploma (HD2)).

Read the guidelines carefully before you apply for an assessment of competences and please contact the programme secretariat of your diploma programme if in doubt

You can find the Application form to an assessment of competences here

Note! Your application will not be evaluated before it is correctly filled in. It is your responsibility! Read therefore the guidelines carefully. Read more about how you document work experience correctly under the tab ‘Two years of relevant work experience’.

You must send the form and various appendices as one PDF-file to HD Application.


You can apply for credit transfer when you want to be exempted from one or more courses based on passed educational elements equivalent to the course(s) in question. Credit transfer is pending on an individual assessment based on scale (ECTS), level and course content. In the credit transfer application, you will have to document those courses which are fundamental for the credit transfer process on the before mentioned basis of valuation together with course descriptions, programme regulations, syllabus lists, etc.

You can apply for credits when you are enrolled in the programme.

If you have other competencies than an educational background that you wish to include in your credit transfer application, you have to apply for a certificate of competence through an assessment of competencies.

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