Graduate Certificate

Do you want to combine your work experience with an acknowledged foundation in business administration at a high academic level? Then this programme is relevant for you. The Graduate Certificate (HD1) is a practice-oriented programme which gives you access to our eight Graduate Diploma programmes (HD2). The Graduate Certificate (HD1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD2) combined qualify you to study a master programme.

The Graduate Certificate (HD1) is a flexible programme in business administration, which has a prescribed study period of two years on part-time if taken as a complete course package.

You can tailor the Graduate Certificate (HD1) to your needs and job because we will offer the Graduate Certificate (HD1) in the following ways:

Complete course package - attendance-based 

Single courses - attendance-based

Online studies -  complete course package or single courses

Which competences do you acquire through the programme?

The programme gives you a greater understanding of problems in business administration directly related to your workplace. You will obtain knowledge of macro economics, the legal frameworks in your company, insights into data analysis and methodology to develop professional solutions to current  problems in your company. 

The programme will enable you to:

  • Identify the company’s behaviour, strategy and competitive conditions on different markets.
  • Work with consumer theories and models of micro and macroeconomics.
  • Perform probability calculations and analyse statistical market conditions.
  • Explain companies and persons’ legal status and identify problems of business law.
  • Evaluate profitability and investment risks.

How does the programme benefit your company?

  • Your company does not only experience the value of your newly acquired knowledge after completing the programme but also during your studies.
  • The programme is based on practice, and you can apply your own company as a case during teaching activities. The programme is thereby relevant for exactly your company all the time.
  • You have time to concentrate on problems otherwise neglected at your work place due to lack of time.
  • Your company can continuously give you more responsibility as you acquire new competences.

Continue your studies in the Graduate Diploma (HD2)

The Graduate Certificate (HD1) provides the business administration foundation, which qualifies you to continue your studies in one of the nine Graduate Diploma (HD2) programmes where you can specialise within your area of interest. In combination, the Graduate Certificate (HD1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD2) correspond to a bachelor degree and qualify you to continue your studies in a master programme e.g. an executive master or master programme.


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