Entry requirements for The Diploma Programmes (HD)

It is possible to continuously enrol in our single courses, provided that the course is not filled up.

Questions regarding enrolment

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Entry requirements for the Graduate Diploma

Below you will find an overview of qualifying examinations for the Graduate Diploma. Here, you will also find information about what to do if you do not fulfil the entry requirements – and therefore need to apply for an exemption.

Please note that the course Business Research Methods, which is a course in the Graduate Certificate, may be an additional entry requirement beyond your qualifying degree. Find more information in the sidebar box).

NEW: You can now apply for a Graduate Diploma single course with any Master's Degree.

Qualifying degrees

Admission requirements for the Graduate Certificate

We only offer the Graduate Certificate taught in Danish. Read more about the admission requirements for the Graduate Certificate here.

Admission requirements for the Graduate Diploma programmes

In order to qualify for the Graduate Diploma programmes, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • A qualifying degree
  • Minimum two years of relevant work experience

Please notice that the program is taught in English. We only use literature in English and the exams will be completed in English. We therefore recommend that you have skills in English equivalent to B level (Danish upper secondary school)

Qualifying examination to the Graduate Diploma programme: 

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (HD part 1)
  • Relevant Academic Programmes or Undergraduate Degree within the field of Economics.
  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management, (HA), Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Economics or Business, MSc in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.) or other relevant Master’s Programmes within the field of Economics.

There are several other programmes and combinations, which supplemented with one or more subjects, may give you direct admission to the Graduate Diploma Programmes. You can apply for exemption from admission requirements if you have an corresponding educational background within the field of Economics. Further information regarding this can be found under the section "Do you not fulfil the specified requirements?".

Please notice that application fees are relevant for applicants with a nationality that is not Danish, Nordic, from EU/EEA or Swiss, or do not have a permanent residence permit in Denmark. Further informatoion can be found here.

Work experience 

Two years of relevant work experience

...is defined this way:

  • The work experience must be accomplished after or during the qualifying degree. That means that work experience before the qualifying degree do not count. You can count the work experience up till the beginning of first semester at the Graduate Diploma programme.
  • A full time job is defined as minimum 30 hours per week, and a part time job is defined as minimum 15 hours per week. That means that a part time job in one year will be converted into a full time job in half a year. Employments less than 15 hours per week will not be counted.
  • The work experience can be put together by one or more employments. The employments must however be a minimum of 6 Months.
  • The work experience must be relevant. That implies that the employment must be of a nature, where you have gained insight into the economical and organizational structure of the workplace. Internships and trainees during or after the qualifying degree can also be included.

Documentation of work experience

When you are documenting your work experience, it is your responsibility that we get the correct information we need. Please make sure that the specified documentation shows the following:

  • The full period of employment for each relevant employment (from start till finish).
  • The average number of working hours per week.
  • A short description of content of work.

Your work experience must be documented by means of a Employer’s Declaration from your current employer or by a statement from your former employer, annual statement, payslips (first and last) or similar.  

PDF iconEmployer's declaration, Graduate Diploma

Do you not fulfil the specified requirements?

Exemption from admission requirements 

If you do not fulfill the admission requirements, you can apply for exemption. An exemption from two years of relevant work experience cannot be granted.

If you have an other educational backgrund than those stated as qualifying examinations above, you must fill out the exemption form and send it alongside the various appendixes needed to HD Tilmeldning or upload the form to the application platform when you apply for Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management og Supply Chan Management.

Application form to an PDF iconexemption from requirements

The evaluation for an exemption from requirements to the Graduate Diploma programmes is therefore based on your educational background, and only completed exams will be evaluated.

If you wish to apply to obtain admission based on your collective knowledge, proficiency and competencies from both educational background and work experience, you need to apply for an assessment of competencies - read more below.

Assessment of competencies

It is possible to have your collective knowledge, proficiency and competencies assessed in relation to the Graduate Diploma content.

You can apply for an assessment of competencies with the purpose of proving the following:

  • You have the necessary competencies equivalent to the admission requirements for a the Graduate Diploma programmes
  • You have the proficiency equivalent to parts of a the Graduate Diploma programmes (certificate of competence)
  • You have the proficiency equivalent to all of a the Graduate Diploma programmes (certificate of education)

Read the manual carefully before applying for an assessment of competencies and contact us if needed.

Application form to an assessment of competencies (PDF) 

Credit transfer

If you have passed one or more courses during your other studies, which are equivalent to subjects from the Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management og Supply Chain Management, you can apply for a credit transfer. The possibility for a credit transfer is based on individual evaluations and is assessed based on scale (ECTS points), level and content of the course. 

You can apply for credit transfer when you are enrolled in the programme.

If you have other competencies than an educational background that you wish to include in your credit transfer application, you have to apply for a certificate of competence through an assessment of competencies.

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