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Do you want to acquire new competences or upgrade those you already have? With a selection of approximately 100 single courses, you have the opportunity to choose exactly the courses that suit you best. All diploma courses (both mandatory and electives) are offered as single courses. You can also study a whole diploma programme as single courses without adding any extra costs.

Graduate Diploma Single Courses

Graduate Diploma Single Courses 2018

If you need a professional boost within a specific discipline, then our single course solution is relevant to you. You have the opportunity to choose one or more courses from the diploma programme and study them simultaneously or in continuation of one another.

Moreover, we offer a number of single courses online. The courses in the Graduate Certificate (HD 1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD 2) provide you with a great possibility to zoom in and focus on a specific area in your supplementary education or to zoom out and give your career opportunities a broader focus by combining single courses from different diploma programmes. You can read more about the application process here, where you also can apply.


You can study single courses to specifically upgrade certain competences or as a gateway to further education within your field.

The single courses are, just like a complete course package, allocated ECTS credits making credit transfer possible to other providers of the same programme or (to a limited extent) related programmes.

If you have a busy daily life juggling your career, family, sports and hobbies, the single course solution can also be a means to adjust the diploma programme according to your needs. You will have more time and energy during some periods in life, and with single courses you can  decide how fast you wish to complete the programme. With single courses, you can increase or decrease the number of courses according to your situation.


The entry requirements vary according to whether you wish to study single courses from the Graduate Certificate (HD1) or the Graduate Diploma (HD2). Single courses offered in the Graduate Certificate (HD1) therefore require fulfilment of entry requirements for the Graduate Certificate (HD1), and single courses offered in the Graduate Diploma (HD2) require fulfilment of entry requirements for the Graduate Diploma (HD2). You find a detailed overview of the entry requirements for the Graduate Certificate (HD1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD2) here.

If you have any general questions about the application, you can contact HD Application.

If you have any specific questions about a particular diploma programme, you can contact the individual diploma programme secretariat.


If you have a master degree, you have the opportunity to register for one or more Graduate Diploma (HD2) single courses. You can choose between our entire selection of single courses, but if you wish to take a complete Graduate Diploma programme based on your master degree, you must meet the general entry requirements.

Important! The requirement of two years of relevant work experience is still an entry requirement to enrol in single courses provided by the Graduate Diploma (HD2).


You enrol in the diploma programme single courses through our Application portal. You can register for single courses until just before the teaching activities of the specific course begin. In the below overview of single courses, you can see in which month the teaching activities begin for the course of interest.

Please notice that courses are subject to cancellations in case of too few registrations. In addition, courses will be closed for registration when all places are filled.


Related to the days of teaching indicated in the table below: If the days are separated with the word ‘and’, it means that it is both e.g. Tuesday and Thursday. If the days are separated with the word ‘or’, it means that it is either e.g. Tuesday or Thursday. For further clarification please contact the diploma programme administration.

The indicated study period only includes the period of teaching. This means that the exams take place after the indicated period - preferable a couple of weeks after the teaching activities have ended.

Overview of single courses offered by the Diploma Programmes. 

Tuition fee for single courses in the diploma programme
You find the tuition fees for single courses in the Graduate Certificate (HD1) and the Graduate Diploma (HD2) respectively under the menu item Tuition Fee.


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