Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD)

Copenhagen Business School is the largest supplier of the Graduate Diploma in Denmark. The programme consists of two parts: the Graduate Certificate (HD 1. del) and a Graduate Diploma (HD 2. del). The programme is financed by either yourself or your employer. We aim to offer more programmes and courses in English in the future.


Single courses
Enrolment for the Graduate Diploma (HD) single courses is open until the start of every course. If you would like to study the whole Graduate Diploma programme starting in the fall 2018 the application date is June 17 2018Your enrolment in the Graduate Diploma is definitive once you have paid your tuition fee.


The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) is... 

  • A study programme for which all students must pay tuition fee.
  • An education that is financed by your place of employment or yourself.
  • Unfortunately not entitled to state education grants (known as SU in Danish).
  • An education that correspond to a bachelor level*.

The Graduate Diploma consists of two independent parts:

  • The Graduate Certificate is a basic education in business economics which theoretically and methodically establishes a basis for further education in one of our nine specialized Graduate Diploma programmes.
  • The Graduate Diploma programme is a specialized education through which you deepen into a specific academic field. Copenhagen Business School offers nine different Graduate Diploma programmes.

The standard programme duration for the Graduate Diploma as a whole is four years with two years for each part. However, if you want to prolong the education it is possible. You can do this by enrolling in our single courses. Single courses are also an opportunity if you only need an academic upgrading within a specific academic field.

* Ministiral order that states the aforementioned bachelor level. (Exists only in Danish.) Read it here, section 3/34 (§ 3, stk. 4).

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration applies to
The Graduate Diploma applies to those who seek business-related and research-based knowledge and new career opportunities. You can use the Graduate Diploma actively in planning your career whether you want a career change or a career leap. The theoretical knowledge provides brand new perspectives on your daily practice while you are studying – and with about 3.000 students at the Graduate Diploma you will be able to build a strong network of employees from a wide range of different professions.

Classes are typically scheduled outside of normal working hours – either in the evening or weekends – and at the various Graduate Diploma programmes you can choose the same class distributed over several different days. In other words: You will experience a great flexibility. Furthermore, you can find dates and times for the classes on the individual websites for each Graduate Diploma programme (we are currently working on making these websites available to you).

The teachings at Graduate Diploma are research-based and business-oriented and are carried out by researchers from both Copenhagen Business School and external teachers from the everyday business industry. Thus you are guaranteed a dynamic education which is continuously developed and matches the current reality. The students’ experiences are used in the teaching which provides a practice-oriented dimension. Furthermore, a part of the teaching is based on group-related work. Sparring in study groups supports your learning and qualifies your ability to listen, learn, and discuss which will improve your skills as a collaborator.

Further education following your Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

When you have finished your Graduate Diplomayou have achieved what is equivalent to an education on a bachelor level. If you wish to continue your study at Copenhagen Business School you are able to do this on a part-time or full-time basis.

Part-time education
You can apply for a master programme at Copenhagen Business School. Here, you will be able to work parallel with your study. As part of the objective enrolment criteria in connection with the master educations, you should hold:

  • a bachelor degree (including the Graduate Diploma) or a Graduate Diploma programme.
  • relevant work experience – how much depends on what specific master education you wish to apply for.

Additionally, there can be other specific entry requirements you must be aware of.

For more information about choosing a master education you can contact the master educations.

Full-time education
You can also apply for a graduate programme at Copenhagen Business School. The graduate programmes are full-time studies.

With your Graduate Diploma you can apply for MSc in Economics and Business Administration. The number of applicants to Copenhagen Business School’s graduate programmes is high. This means that you cannot be certain about getting admission even though you fulfil the entry requirements.

Generally for enrolment in the Graduate Diploma at Copenhagen Business School with a Graduate Diploma the following is required:

  • A GPA of 4.5 on the Danish 7-grade-scale
  • The Grade 7 in your final thesis project
  • There may be specific entry requirements to the specific graduate programmes (e.g. a certain number of ECTS within a specific academic field).

However, specific rules apply to graduates from the Graduate Diploma ‘Finance’ together with ‘Accounting and Financial Management’ regarding admission to the MSc in Auditing.

When you choose electives on your Graduate Diploma you must be aware of whether you strengthen your professional capabilities within exactly those areas required on the relevant MSc programme. Therefore, it is important that you check the eligibility criteria for the specific programme you are interested in.

If you do not have the necessary courses you can supplement with courses from Summer University. Her er der deadline for ansøgning i marts.

Application deadline is in March.

If you intend to apply one of Copenhagen Business School’s Graduate Diploma programmes on the basis of your Graduate Certificate then seek for counselling where you wish to be enrolled.

For further information: Contact information for the Graduate Diploma.

Graduate Diploma programmes in English 
Below you will find a link to the Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management and Supply Chain Management (start up autum 2017). Here you can read a lot more about our new programmes in English. Please note that only a few single courses and our new Graduate Diploma programmes in Innovation Management and Supply Chain Management are taught in English. Our future goal is to offer still more courses in English.