Executives in Residence

In September, TDC CEO Allison Kirkby will be the next Executive in Residence as a guest lecturer and mentor, allowing her experience in senior management to benefit CBS students.


Allison Kirkby, CEO, TDC Group is Executive in Residence 2019-20. 


Through dialogue and collaboration, CBS wishes to build strong personal and long-term relationships with the business community and in particular with key business leaders. To facilitate this, CBS invites a select executive to share their expertise and perspectives with both students and faculty every year. Through one academic year, the year's Executive in Residence participates in various parts of CBS campus life spanning over events, discussions, mentoring meetings, sparring etcetera. 

The programme is designed to be a two-way learning experience, where the Executive in Residence gains insights into state-of-the-art research and meets the talents of tomorrow on one side, while students and researchers get the opportunity to connect with, learn from and be inspired by executives they would otherwise not have access to on the other, furthering their insight into a practical world outside of CBS.

While there will only be one Executive in Residence per academic year, the aim of the programme is to run indefinitely with the current Executive in Residence passing on their successor. Future Executives in Residence will include significant key business leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, Board Chairmen etcetera from top businesses operating in Denmark.


CBS is extremely proud to open its doors to TDC Chief Executive Officer, Allison Kirkby. Beginning in September and for the rest of the academic year, CBS students will be able to draw on the knowledge Kirkby has gained after 25 years of holding management positions in, for example Virgin Media, 21st Century Fox and Procter & Gamble.

 “During my career, I myself have benefitted from top-tier leaders challenging me and giving me the opportunity to learn from their experiences – and therefore I hope that my role at CBS will give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience and to inspire the next generation of leaders,” says Kirkby.

When speaking with students, she will share her experience with the disruptive transformation TDC is undergoing:

“TDC is in the midst of a pioneering transformation that will create an entirely new model for the global telecommunications industry. We are on the cusp of creating two new companies that will better enable a Digital Denmark. I was attracted to TDC because of this unique transformation – and I hope that our case will spark the interest of the students,” explains Kirkby.

TDC’s CEO will work collaboratively with researchers, management and students at CBS in an environment that is new to her but that she is very much looking forward to being part of:

“Personally, having spent my formative years in the industry, rather than in an academic institution, I see this as a great opportunity for me to encourage students to combine the academic tools they are acquiring with experience from the business community during their studies,” she states, adding that the technological developments being rolled out now mean that having digital skills is especially vital:

“Students who are personally motivated to learn digital skills alongside their course work will clearly have a strong competitive advantage in the job market of the future,” argues Kirkby.

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Executives in Residence

Allison Kirkby


“Besides sharing my experience, I also expect to gain a good feel for what drives future leaders and greater insight into what TDC as a business can do to continue to be an attractive workplace in the future,” says Allison Kirkby about her new role.


Jens Bjørn Andersen


"I would like to develop as CEO, which I can do by trying something new and inspirational. I hope to gain a new theoretical perspective on my practical everyday life as well as input from the students, who see things from a slightly different angle. It’s a new world for me and I’m looking forward to discovering CBS, its researchers and the budding talents studying here."

Thomas F. Borgen


"The greatest thing about being back in school was – well, exactly that. (…) As a society we need education and we need relevant education, and for Danske Bank getting closer to universities and business schools is a chance for us to learn how to become more relevant to students and maybe inspire both students and schools in terms of the qualifications and research areas we see as most interesting."

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