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CBS Roundtable

CBS Roundtable is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and simultaneously develop and strengthen the relationship between CBS and strategically important stakeholders from the business community.


Organization Guru, Professor Henry Mintzberg at CBS Roundtable in 2017.

CBS hosts CBS Roundtable twice a year, where a new current topic of relevance to the invited, important stakeholders from the business community is chosen as focus each time. The subject for discussion varies from event to event, but will always be of relevance to the business community and fall within the scope of CBS’ research fields. The discussion takes place between invited business executives and a select group of CBS researchers.

The purpose of CBS Roundtable is to strengthen networking and communication on research across CBS’ departments, enhance knowledge exchange between partners, increase cooperation within research, education and development, ensure dialogue and co-creation between relevant stakeholders and support the constant knowledge development taking place before, under, after and between events.

Troels Jørgensen Troels Jørgensen
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