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Our job and recruitment portal CBS CareerGate is your shortcut to CBS’ talents. Here, you can get in contact with highly qualified students and recent master graduates who match vacant positions, internships and student jobs.

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Companies can get in contact with students and recent graduates through CBS CareerGate. You can target your vacancies at specific segments and thereby obtain a more effective recruitment process and improve your employer branding.


Many companies take the opportunity to employ a student assistant for approximately 10-15 hours a week as a help to the daily work. By appointing a student from CBS, you get:

  • A qualified and motivated employee
  • The opportunity to test the qualifications of students from specific study programmes
  • New and fresh viewpoints on familiar problems
  • Pre-recruitment opportunities among Denmark’s best educated graduates
  • Access to the most recent knowledge from the university sector
  • Access to internal recruitment after graduation


Many of our programmes have either integrated internships or internships as electives. If your company or organisation wants to get in contact with or offer internships to a relevant study programme, please contact

If your company or organisation merely wants to find a single intern, you can post the vacant position on CBS CareerGate in line with a job advertisement or a project.

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