Master your end of the deal

Are you perfectly comfortable in a negotiation, or do you fear the negotiation table? Either way there just might be a trick or two to learn from Robert Ibsen’s book Real Negotiations.


In ‘Real Negotiations’, Robert Ibsen, Teaching Assistant Professor at CBS adds his extensive knowledge to your end of the negotiation table. He has lectured at CBS for more than thirty years and has, as a consultant, trained more than 2,000 professional negotiators over the past 15 years.

In the book, he builds a bridge between the strategic thinking behind the negotiator’s choices and how to make the most of those choices when you are at the negotiation table. The book is aimed at both students and practitioners and covers everything from choosing a negotiation strategy to factors that often impact negotiations negatively.

The book offers concrete tools such as checklists for preparing and conduction negotiations – and also for evaluating the negotiation afterwards. It also contains models that enable the negotiator to choose a negotiation strategy.

- ‘Real Negotiations’ thoroughly covers all the classic issues involved in negotiating. In addition, it highlights Four Complexities and Two Templates that will be very useful. I, for one, plan to use the ‘Template for Preparing a Negotiation’ as well as the ‘Template for Evaluating a Negotiation’ in my very next bargaining session, writes Richard R. Gesteland in a statement on the book. He is an international consultant on negotiation and author of books on the subject of negotiation.

Robert Ibsen teaches the 2-day CEMS (Master Program) Business Communication Seminar which focuses on negotiations and related issues. The backbone of those seminars is the ‘Real Negotiations’ handbook – where the students work with tools for analysing various negotiation set-ups as well as cases and exercises to highlight important learning points.

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