Executives in Residence

Executives in Residence is an initiative that invites key business leaders to pay study visits to CBS for a year at a time. The first Executive in Residence 2017/2018 is Thomas F. Borgen, CEO, Danske Bank.



Through dialogue and collaboration, CBS wishes to build strong relationships with the business community and in particular with business leaders. Therefore, CBS invites select executives to share their expertise and perspectives with both students and faculty.

The first Executive in Residence 2017/2018 is Thomas F. Borgen, CEO of Danske Bank, and he is excited about the collaboration - a collaboration that he considers a two-way street:

"I am looking very much forward to this collaboration with CBS. I will be gaining new and relevant knowledge as well as inspiration from talented researchers and students to bring back and share with my colleagues at Danske Bank. This is also an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge and experience to help strengthen CBS' profile even more"

About Executives in Residence
Executives in Residence is a yearlong programme in which one executive participates in various parts of CBS campus life: e.g. events, meetings, discussions, sparring, etc. The programme is meant as a two-way learning experience where the Executive in Residence will gain insights into state-of-the-art research and meet the talents of tomorrow. On the other side, students and researchers will get the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by executives to whom they otherwise would not have access. The programme intends to further students’ and researchers’ insight into a practical world outside of CBS.

Although CBS already collaborates well with the business community at large, the purpose of the Executive in Residence programme is to further develop CBS’ personal and long-term relationships with key business leaders.

While there will only be one Executive in Residence per year, the aim of the programme is to run indefinitely and the current Executive in Residence will pass on the baton to a new Executive in Residence after one academic year. Future Executives in Residence will include significant key business leaders e.g. CEOs, CFOs, Chairmen of boards etc. The executives will stem from top businesses with operations in Denmark.


FinanceLab event on 21 September 

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For more information about the Executives in Residence programme please contact


Jannie Henriksen
Relations Manager

Tel.: +45 3815 2086



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