CBS Roundtable and CBS Business Connect

CBS Roundtable and CBS Business Connect are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing while developing and strengthening the relationship between CBS and strategically important stakeholders from the business community.



Twice a year, CBS Business hosts a roundtable event and selects a relevant topic of focus. The topic of discussion will vary, but will always be of relevance to the businesses and within CBS’ field of research expertise.

The objectives of the CBS Roundtable include strengthening networks and the communication of research across CBS departments; increasing the exchange of knowledge between partners; expanding collaboration on research, teaching and development; ensuring dialogue and co-creation amongst relevant stakeholders; supporting on-going knowledge development that occurs before, during, after, and between events.

CBS Business Connect is another activity designed to attract a large group of a range of participants (up to 500). CBS hosts the event once a year and selects a topic which may overlap with the featured topic at the previous roundtable event. Researchers determines the academic agenda, but participating companies can be invited as co-creators.



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