More than 100.000 people have graduated from CBS since 1917, and today a majority of our alumni holds interesting and important positions in companies all over the world. Moreover, CBS is heavily engaged with companies providing innovative research, consultancy, teaching and development. This constitutes CBS as a “business university”. We have a hub that supports all these activities called “CBS Business”. Companies can engage in research/business collaboration, recruit talent or reengage as an alum by contacting CBS Business or find inspirations and answers below.

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CBS Partners builds upon our hundred-year history of collaboration with the business community. We support long-term relationships with businesses by bridging our academic research and research-based education with the business environment and the public sector at large.

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One of our richest resources is the students. CBS Business provides career activities, helping students to improve their career options while engaging with potential future employers.


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CBS’ professionally active alumni ARE business society. If you yourself are a CBS graduate, please consider signing up. We will keep you up to date with relevant news, give you opportunities to expand your network with other CBS graduates and offer a range of special benefits.