The queen of the Blue MBA

Persian born, Swedish based and working in Copenhagen Irene Rosberg is the epitome of a cosmopolitan. Just like the shipping industry she works within. On August 12th, her class of 2017 graduated from the Blue MBA, one of the most prestigious MBA’s within the shipping industry at CBS.


Irene Graduation 2017 

"The shipping industry is like a river – always moving ~ Irene Rosberg, Director of the Blue MBA, CBS"

Irene Rosberg is surrounded by her MBA graduates who are clad in black and blue capes and graduations caps. She tries her best to be heard over the insistent tones of an eleven-man bagpipe band standing in the courtyard at Porcelænshaven.

Her graduates need to form a line and they have to stand in the right order when they march inside Ovnhallen to receive their Blue MBA-degrees. Irene Rosberg’s arms direct the positions of her graduates who are paying close attention before marching behind her to the  sound of the bagpipe band.

Never standing still

People come from all over the world to take the Blue MBA at CBS. For instance, in this year’s class, there are participants from countries like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, America, Finland, Greece and Egypt. And the international representation is part of the shipping industry’s DNA.

“The different nationalities who work with shipping are not what makes shipping global. Shipping is global by nature, and that’s what’s so interesting about it,” says Irene Rosberg and takes a bite of her lunch even though the clock shows way past lunch time.

She has just finished today’s exams when I, a few days before the graduation ceremony on 12th August, meet her in her office. The white and blue color scheme match her navy-blue summer dress and white pearl earrings.

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