Culturally diverse E-MBA class 2017 has kicked-off

On Thursday 23 February, 2017, a culturally diverse new E-MBA class 2017 embarked on an exciting learning journey.



On Thursday 23 February, 2017, a new E-MBA class 2017-19 embarked on an exciting learning journey that will be as rewarding as it will be challenging.

The class was off to a great start with buzzing breaks and good laughs as they presented each other to the class. "The first day of the E-MBA program is always a very special day. We are excited to be welcoming participants that have spent many years getting to this particular point in their career - and participants are anxious and eager to meet their fellow students that they will share their life-changing journey with" says Program Manager, Kirsten Holst Teglgaard.

31 highly experienced participants are joining the program with a total of 511 years of work experience and 280+ years of managerial experience! On average they have 16,5 years work experience with 9 years of managerial experience.

The class is very diverse with 13 different nationalities represented. Particularly exciting is the adding of Macedonia as our 84th nationality amongst our student intakes from over the years!
29 different organisations are represented with a wide range of industries. "A unique element an MBA program is the sharing across industries, organisations and roles that happen throughout the 26 months participants spend together. They truly gain perspective from each other's organisations and experience" says MBA Director, Poul Hedegaard. These organisations are reflected in the chart below - it is very encouraging to see this well represented variety of organisations as it will sure make for engaging and diverse class engagment and professional network.
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