CBS Blue MBA launches Alumni Association – a “fantastically valuable network”

A new advance for the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (the Blue MBA) is underway with the establishment of its Alumni Association.


Irene Rosberg

The Association will be a channel for closer links around the globe between the senior executives in the maritime and associated sectors who have graduated, or are involved in graduate studies, in the unique part-time two-year course which is under the aegis of Copenhagen Business School.

Irene Rosberg, Blue MBA programme director, said: “We have 200 graduates from the past 16 years all over the world and who represent the different segments of this industry. They are able to contribute to what will be a fantastically valuable network.

“What makes this alumni association different from other networks is that the men and women have one thing in common, and that is that they have the benefit of having been through the Blue MBA programme. They have a similar mindset about how to look at the many challenges faced in the shipping arena. They speak a common language, more so than would be the case in other groupings.

“We have our own community that is unique and value what has been given to the graduates through the programme. They see challenges in a different way to many others in the industry, and they have different strategic tools to face those challenges.”

The Alumni Association envisages developing a programme of events aimed at fostering and renewing personal contacts – the Blue MBA is renowned for the spirit of comradeship it engenders – and adding to knowledge-sharing in the fast-moving global maritime scene.

The association is developing an independent website to disseminate regular news and to support events and reunions.

All  Blue MBA graduates and current students are eligible for membership. Formal objectives of the association are to encourage networking between members, to be a link between the maritime industry and academia, to cooperate with the Blue MBA programme in support of its continuing improvement, and to generate awareness and promote the Blue MBA among maritime businesses, the media and political stakeholders.

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